To The Moon and Back

The Unstoppable Wasp #2
Writer:  Jeremy Whitley
Artist:  Elsa Charretier
Cover Artist:  Elsa Charretier and Nicolas Bannister
Publisher:  Marvel Comics
Release date:  February 1, 2017

By: Jessica DeWitt

A butler, hockey sticks, roller skates and a large rat!  That is what to expect in The Unstoppable Wasp #2.  In issue #1 (see Hope Floats: The Unstoppable Wasp Issue #1) our heroine Nadia was preparing for her search for the brightest and talented females in the field of science and technology.  She is joined by an assistant/butler to the Avengers named Jarvis to help her with her mission.  Nadia’s first stop was in Washington Heights where Taina Miranda and her sister, Alexis reside.  During this encounter Nadia explains her recruitment and the purpose of her program G.I.R.L (Genius In Action Research Lab…without the “A”).  In this presentation via hologram, Nadia is singing praises of Lunella Lafayette better known as Moon Girl, the smartest person in the world (at least in the Marvel universe).   Nadia’s admiration for Moon Girl posed the question “well why didn’t you recruit her?”  This question baffled Nadia prompting her to search for Moon Girl.  The encounter between Nadia and Lunella didn’t go well at first but they come together to take on a giant, aggressive rat.  Nadia realizes that the rat was carrying a device she recognizes from her work in the Russian facility, known as the Red Room.  The issue ends with Nadia being face to face with Ying, her friend and lab partner from the Red Room.

The artwork in this issue is pretty decent.  I especially like the hologram scene that worked well with the colors.  However, there is a lot of clutter in a couple panels which was hard to follow along from time to time.  The writing was mediocre there are some funny points but there were times where it was dry and fell short of details.  The science facts could’ve been explained a little bit better as this is the essence of the series.  The colors were bright and lively like the first issue.  I really like the color selections which makes this story fun and enticing.

Issue #2 is staying true to the purpose of the Unstoppable Wasp.  The fact that one of the recruits, Taina is handicap shows young girls that dreams have no bounds when you have a mind and a passion.  She doesn’t let her handicap restrict her from doing what she wants ie., the homemade elevator at the fire escape and a robot goalie to play with her sister.  Diversity is really at the forefront of this issue with Taina being Hispanic, Lunella being African American, and Nadia’s lab partner in the Red Room, Ying is Asian,and they are all female.

I wonder what Jarvis’ role will be and how Nadia’s immigration status will play out as this series continues.  It’s also interesting to see how the female dynamic plays out once the team is assembled…will some of the recruits turn into villains?  How strong is the sister dynamic between Alexis and Taina?  We shall see.  Until next time thanks for shooting the breeze with me!

Rating: 7.5/10

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