Who Then Heck is Herald?


Titans #8

Written By: Dan Abnett

Pencils By: Brett Booth

Ink By: Norm Rapmund

Coloring By: Andrew Dalhouse

Malcom Duncan thought his past as a young superhero was fully behind him. But with his wife Karen now seeming to have superhuman abilities of her own, Mal will unknowingly approach his past once again. With the Titans transitioning into their new roles as Manhattan’s superheroes, they learn of a new threat plotting against them. But is it all a good read? Let’s dig into one of DC rebirth’s best titles and find out.

So, this issue begins with a flashback of the early days of the Teen Titans where Robin, Speedy, Wonder Girl, Omen, Kid Flash, and Herald- wait who’s Herald? Mal Duncan also known as Herald, has been a recurring Titan throughout allot of DC comics history. However, in this New 52/Rebirth Universe, he was just one of the original Teen Titans. Which is funny for two reasons.

  1. They failed to show him in the Rebirth issue flashbacks with the rest of the team. Which I don’t mind as much because I prefer the core lineup of Dick, Roy, Donna, Garth, and Wally but Lilith is also made a big part of this book so if they were going to show her why not show Herald as well? Especially when they purposefully have had side plots in several Titans issues that I really neglected to touch on because I totally didn’t think the plot was going to pan out. Even though I should of because Karen’s been in like every variant cover of this series
  2. The one person they have seemingly forgotten about both G’nark the Caveman and Hawk and Dove when crossing over from Titans Hunt into this new series. Originally it wasn’t that big of a deal again the OG’s are more important I really don’t think the others should have been there. But regardless we are still acting as if they have no significance. So, unless they show up in later issues, I’m very bothered by this. Fix this Dan Abnett.

Anyway, the story then moves on from this flashback to Mal and Karen Duncan at a place called “Meta Solutions” a company that seems to be training people to use their superhuman gifts or they have some way to eliminate them all together apparently. Mal tells Karen he trusts this place and that they eliminated his powers because they felt like a curse more than anything but if Karen wants to use her powers for good, he supports her all the way. A man in a nice suit retrieves them from the lobby and they go to begin Karen’s training.

We then move to the newly formed Titans tower where we get some good interactions with the entire team. Wally and Dick discuss if Wally has any chance of making things work with Linda now that in this universe she doesn’t know him, Roy and Donna go through Donna’s old belongings and discuss how she used to take pictures and that she needs to work out her new origin- I mean stepmom hehe. And Lilith and Garth are training because Omen really doesn’t have the training to be reliable in the field besides her psychic abilities. Speaking of those abilities, she gets a distressed feeling from across the city because as Mal was going through the “Meta Solutions” building, he saw an old unfriendly face. And in a suit no less. Mammoth. The hulking bearded behemoth of a man that was used as a pawn of destruction in Titans hunt and was a prime suspect in why the Titans had forgotten their memories. Mal took one look at Mammoth, and runs into the nearby alley.

At the word of Lilith, the Titans arrive on the scene to help Mal. In his distress he tells them that he saw their fore mentioned foe, so the Titans charge into the building to save Karen from the threat. But when they reach her, she is flying. With wings. YAY BUMBLEBEE! FINALLY! Oh but. Oh now is that who I think it is behind her?

Teen Titans issue 8 is everything I’ve wanted in more. The chemistry between the team is written so perfectly by Dan Abnett, you’d think it was Geoff Johns back during his run of Teen Titans. Each member of the team is showcased, they slow buildup to Arsenal and Donna Troy having a romance again is still approaching over the horizon, and they are still finding ways to show that their not just going to give up on Wally and Linda. There’s even a funny little bit where Tempest tells Omen to punch him in the face and that he’ll stop it but in his talking she hits him square in the face. Priceless.

The art is still phenomenally well done by Brett booth. If I could get him to do art for me I would in a heartbeat because the way he Is able to breathe life into the characters I love so perfectly makes me wish there was a better writer on the New 52 Teen Titans book so his Talents weren’t wasted there. Thank heavens he came back.

At the end of the day, the arts great and the story progresses so well that other than the forgetting certain characters in the general whole of the book, its still a very good book and I can’t wait till one of my favorite villain teams comes back into the spotlight in issue 9. Oh snap did I say that?

Rating: 9/10

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Founder of Shoot The Breeze Comics. Co-Host of the comic book news podcast Panel To Panel. A longtime comic book, video game, and anime nerd. Favorite Superhero is Aquaman...Fight Me

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