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Old Man Logan #19

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Artist: Filipe Andrade

Color Artist: Jordan Boyd

Letterer: Vc’s Cory Petit

Reviewed By: Kenny Alsup

Old Man Logan has been a fascinating read since his introduction. That hasn’t changed much. Logan’s been through hell and back (actually, that was a different series) with the loss of his family to the savage hulks, being torn between worlds and flung into the past  in the epic Secret Wars, and of course the initial murder of the X Men… by him.

Issue #19 sees the old man on a desperate quest to get help traveling back… to the future his future in the Wasteland. This is where the most diabolical super villains, on Earth, have all but killed off superheroes and divided the United States into territories. Logan’s been slipping, pulled between two potential realities. When he learns that Bruce Banner’s grandson, the baby he saved at the end of the initial story, could become the new warlord of the Wasteland he decides he must return to his time to prevent the child from following in his grandfodda’s footsteps! This leads to Logan pursuing a laundry list of time-traveling friends, including Cable, Beast, Scarlet Witch, and even Dr. Doom, among others. When he’s consistently turned away, even by the Sorcerer Supreme, he’s forced to take matters into his own hands and breaks into the facility containing Asmodeus. This, leads to a brief scuffle with Spider-Man who swings out of the woodwork he’s quickly distracted when Logan releases multiple inmates into the hall.


Old Man Logan’s story only gets more interesting as it goes on. Even in his aging state he maintains a sense of immortality and durability. James Howlett has always been a tortured being. Haunted by actions, then by a loss of memory, and now wishing he could forget again, or start over. The character is constantly clawing at his doom.

This issue was a bit strange in the art department. Throwing a wrench in the usual gears and seemingly displaying the story and the character in a different format. Personally, I’m fond of the art in previous issues (starting with Secret Wars: Old Man Logan). This direction seemed a bit off-color and out of context, so to speak. Speaking of color, the coloring is oddly bright and earthy in comparison to the earlier work. Altogether, I prefer the other guy, but this is the first of a two issue arch. Perhaps it will revert. The highlight for me was seeing Cable in the series, but the art is a bit dull and doesn’t hit home for me.

Rating: 6/10

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