The Mirror Has Two Faces

The Unstoppable Wasp #3

Writer: Jeremy Whitley

Artist: Elsa Charretier

Cover Artist: Elsa Charretier and Nicolas Bannister

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Release date:  March 1, 2017

By Jessica DeWitt

Our wasp is off in another adventure as she continues her search for bright, young, talented females for her G.I.R.L (Genius In Action Research Lab…that damn “A” is missing) program. This issue begins where the last one ended (see “To the Moon and Back:  The Unstoppable Wasp Issue #2 review”), with our little insect running into an old friend, Ying, from the Red Room. Apparently Ying was sent to bring Nadia back to that cozy facility in Russia and live happily ever after.   Nadia tries to convince Ying to join her at the new-found G.I.R.L mission.  However, Ying wasn’t into doing a unity type gig (I guess bonfires aren’t her thing…). It was very clear that neither one was going to back down from their beliefs…hence the battle between a giant raccoon and the pet T-rex.  Yes!  Moon Girl is back but don’t get too comfortable because she is trying to adjust to the “smartest person” title (deemed by Marvel) while handling other challenges such as the Inhuman and Devil Dino…oh and she is 9 years old.  In other words, she is going pass on the G.I.R.L project for now. No worries because there is Lashayla Smith, a young physicist from Brooklyn.   Nadia’s hologram presentation of the G.I.R.L program may have been an easy sell for Lashayla but it is some work trying to convince a strongly reserved Priya. The issue ends with Priya’s mother being held at the mercy of Poundcakes, a female wrestler and debt collector.

I know!  I know! Why did I title this “The Mirror Has Two Faces”?  Well, it happens to be a title of a film that I’ve never watched but its word play is what came to mind when reading this issue.  Ideally, when one looks in the mirror they view it to see how things look and make the necessary adjustments when they are not satisfied. For the past two issues Nadia always appears to be optimistic and hopeful. She has ambition and is easily enthused about math, science and engineering. Underneath all of that…she is still a young woman in search of herself.  When she meets Priya at her family store, Nadia tries so hard to fit in and be “cool” but, that doesn’t go over well.  Ironically, Priya is willing to exchange her knowledge and intelligence for popularity and acceptance from two girls that are closed minded to the world around them, especially when it comes to Priya’s Indian culture. Both ladies are willing to compromise who they are and neglect the potential of what they can become. That is a story most females can identify with.

The artwork was great and the panels flowed very well while telling the story.  I love the scenes involving Latasha Smith.  I think she brings a balance to this story which has me rooting for her as a newfound member of G.I.R.L. The colors are phenomenal especially the scene when Nadia was in time square. Megan Wilson choice of tones in that scene made it a nostalgic moment for me. The dialogue was alright I hope they have some real interesting science facts in the future.

I like the message that was being conveyed I wish there were more focus on the potential female recruits. I guess this is to show the hectic life of Nadia while she is putting together the G.I.R.L group. Until next time! Thanks for Shooting The Breeze with me!

Rating: 7.8/10

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