Psimon says turn good? No way

Titans #9 (Grayson and West, Undercover)


Written by: Dan Abnett

Penciled by: Brett Booth

Inked by: Norm Rapmund

Colored by: Andrew Dalhousie

When Super villains turn good? No. No way. Five of the most long time Teen Titans villains, (whether they remember or not), and they’ve all gone straight? I’m not buying it. Let’s take a look at this next issue of the ongoing adventures of the once young heroes trying to discover the memories lost by the DC Universe.

The story picks up right from where the issue left off. The Titans are confronting who they think is the Fearsome Five. Well it is the Five. But they seemed to have given up their powers. WHAT?! That’s right, according to Psimon, a well-known telepath villain and leader of the Five, they all have given up their powers in exchange for being cured by meta solutions and have turned over a new leave. Everyone except for Gizmo and Psimon the former because his power was just that he was smart and the latter because he has apparently refined his talents to the benefit of meta-human kind. The team really doesn’t believe them but since they don’t really have proof to the contrary, they leave but with an issue. Karen accompanies them because she is hurt she trusted them especially Mammoth, who was aligned with Mister Twister during Titans Hunt and hurt Mal which convinced him to give up his powers, but she is also mad at the Titans because she really thought she was going to be helped by this company. Which is basically the ‘mad they were awakened from a good dream’ mentality but it’s used well enough for the sake of the story.

The next half of the comic revolves around Nightwing and Flash going into Meta Solutions during the night to gain information on what’s going on. Mainly because the Fearsome Five had just fought the Justice League not long before this arc. So it’s very odd that they’ve given up their powers for the sake of good. I do love this part of the story though. Seeing Dick and Wally work together as a team again, like no time has passed, is so refreshing and such a joy. It feels as if they haven’t changed from their old days almost like Dan Abnett has been writing them for years. Some more casual fans can recognize the dynamic from the DC animated series where Robin and Kid Flash act very similar with one another.

During their investigation, they lose communication with the team including psionic link with Omen. Just then, Mammoth appears and attacks them. Fully powered and fully garbed in his Fearsome Five gear. Which leads to believe that this was all a ploy and the Titans were right…Can the Titans get there to back up their comrades? I don’t know but a little bee might…

Titans #9 is a very well written it alludes to the sinister nature of the villains but also makes their story…I guess semi-believable as they try to play the turned straight card. The shadowed angles and the mysterious call made by Psimon is very well expressed and written. It makes me wonder if…No there’s no way. There’s even a great bit where The art is still amazing. Brett Booth is just. Like I’ve beat this dead horse as much as I’ve beaten the “I hate John Romita Jr” horse. It’s just great, if you’ve haven’t liked Brett Booth’s stylized almost better than the majority of the current market, than I’m sorry you’re missing out on a phenomenal artist.


This series is still very good and very solid, and just great synergy between the team like the amazing camaraderie with Wally and Dick and there’s even a bit were The Titans use Arsenal’s wisdom of addiction, almost as if being a villain is an addiction, and they use it to decide their next move in regards to the Five’s intentions. I will always recommend this series for anyone who enjoys a consistent comic and loved old DC Comics history.


Rating: 8.5/10





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Founder of Shoot The Breeze Comics. Co-Host of the comic book news podcast Panel To Panel. A longtime comic book, video game, and anime nerd. Favorite Superhero is Aquaman...Fight Me

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