Goldar Hulk Buster?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 13

Written By: Kyle Higgins

Penciled By: Hendry Prasetya

Inked By: Matt Herms

Coloring By: Ed Dukeshire


Reviewed By: Michael Tyler

This issue starts out with Goldar getting upgrades to his Hulk Buster suit, I mean golden armor? Anyways, guess the poor guy has failed to eliminate the Rangers so much that now they have to polish his armor even more to make him more of a target…Excited Finster goes and tries to find some more clay as Goldar says something about trying to find the right way to lure the Rangers out, foreshadowing? (As if Goldar doesn’t look ridiculous enough already…) This also ushers in the first time I have ever seen this minion without his armor on…he’s well naked, and looks a little blue…Cut scene to Tommy and Billy who are bound by captives otherwise known as the “coinless” a band of rebels who have alternate timeline versions of Zack and Trini, Bulk and Skull as part of their band. Kind of weird seeing Power Rangers with artillery…Keep in mind this is the alternate world where the Green Ranger stayed bad and stole the power of the white Ranger and then used it for nefarious reasons. Welcome to Lord Drakkons Realm…Where he rules with a white fist, no pun intended I think?

Saba (the floating white dagger) talks to the otherworld Zack about how he promised to “one day bring those who could save this world” and now has returned. So there now, we all know who to blame…. back at the “coinless hideout” after our heros get the pat down and are then cleared to enter, we see a mix of future tech and a refugee camp. Otherworld Trini and Zack have a conversation about how Billy and Tommy are legit and not spies from Lord Drakkon, and how they hope “Saba” is right about their new visitors to Narnia, I mean their world. Billy and otherworld Trini have a brief exchange about how his Trini would say something like that, and she just says “I’m not the Trini from your world” well obviously…

Lord Saurons tower…I mean Lord Drakkons Tower, his henchmen are trying to find the Falconzord. The whole “you failed me my not so loyal servant” speech goes on, because you let them escape with a Zord, and wow I must say all these rangers be looking like attack of the clones all up in here…So I guess Rangers are expendable in this realm because otherworld Tommy torches this chick for letting our heros escape, damn. I thought Darth Vader was epic for force choking…nah he’s got competition. Even has a catchy well not exactly a one liner, but “consider your powers revoked” I digress, Scorpina calls Lord Drakkon by his real name, no bueno…He then goes on a tangent about how he will return her to her world and conquer it as well like Rita did there before…more words are exchanged and then Tommy (Lord Drakkon) comes to his balcony and looks out, yep attack of the clones, you see a massive power ranger army…aye yi yi!

So the other Rangers Kimberly, Trini, Zack and Jason, are back in our world searching for a way to find where Billy and Tommy went along with trying to get into contact with Alpha. Jason and Zach are sparring keeping sharp, and Jason talks to Kimberly about how Billy and Tommy’s parents are taking their disappearance and how Jason is having “leadership issues.” Kimberly also lets the cat out of the bag saying she likes Tommy (well duh) I did realize that Jason and I have one thing in common, no matter how bad things get, we are forever the optimists! All of a sudden they get a transmission from Alpha….I couldn’t say “it’s a trap!” any louder than I could at the moment because we all know that they can’t hear me…

Back at the refugee camp, Billy is wondering around and finds a picture of himself that says “in loving memory” so that is where “other world Billy is!” dead. He finds “otherworld Trini” and asks, she said he died a hero saving her life…enter montague of a great battle some time ago…”otherworld Zack” and Tommy are talking about how his last run in with Lord Drakkon went and the last time he saw Saba…then enter Lord Drakkons Army! Guess they found “the coinless’s hideout” guess they just followed the trail of loose change?

Cut scene again, you know that trap I talked about earlier? Yeah…Our world Rangers are excited about Alphas transmission and how they plan to take back their powers and base, blah blah blah. Except we see that Finster is tweaking with Alpha’s head at their base, Rita has ever the pleased look on her face. I would too, because that was too easy…Rita asks Goldar if he is ready, because obviously they are planning a trap…and it’s true! What!? More clone wars references? An army of Goldars? To be continued…

I really got into this issue, as you can tell. Kyle Higgins knows his Power Rangers well and can weave a tale. The story is exciting and full of what the…I am looking forward to see where this goes. I like the idea of the alternate dimension where Tommy stayed bad and Rita became queen. Now Tommy even has a semi cool bad guy name: Lord Drakkon, sounds like it should be bad guy out of Beast Master. Savage, really. His suit is even cool with the white Ranger and a hint of the Green Ranger mixed in. It seems quite diabolical.

The art, is staying consistent. Classic Power Rangers look with a bit of modern feel mixed in. Hendry Prasetya is good for Power Rangers; Matt Herms knows how to use his green to make the Green Ranger suit pop off the pages…Nice. Hope they keep this staff for the remainder of this run. They keep this up and my ratings will stay high.

Rating 9.5/10


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