Revenge is the best motivation to rebuild

Suicide Squad #14

Written by: Rob Williams

Penciled by: John Romita, Jr., Eddy Barrows

Inked by: Richard Friend, Eber Ferreira

Colored by: Dean White, Adriano Lucas

The current members of Task Force X have been “liberated” by the revenge driven Rustam. Many have departed from the prison of Belle Reve but one member is not ready to give up the mission to avenge Amanda Waller just yet. Now with another member added to the body count, can Harley Quinn of all people pull these misfits together and avenge their fallen leader? Well hopefully so. I care more if it’s a good read or not.

So, the main story is short. Because what could be considered the “back up” of the book is the more important in terms of story reveals but that doesn’t mean the main story isn’t important. We begin with Deadshot fully traitor. Having now joined Rustam in his plans to liberate the world from the grip of people like Amanda Waller having now invaded Washington D.C. This does raise the question of why the Justice League hasn’t intervened like the issue of the actual Suicide Squad movie, but that’s a different discussion in general. Dragged along on this tirade of America is Rick Flagg and Katana who are still prisoners of Rustam. Deadshot offers to mercy kill them but Rustam is still hoping they will see his truth and join him.

We then cut to Harley Quinn who is presented the body of Hack, a newer and willing member of the Squad not having been a prisoner. Harcourt, the current leader of Tack Force X tells her that hack was just found like that but Harley isn’t having that. With what the reader knows and how Harcourt acts by not really caring about being choked by Harley, there’s something bigger going on that I really want to know. With the rage of Hack’s death, Harley calls the coms of the escape Squad members pleading for their help to avenge Waller. I honestly love this moment because its honestly the most driven I’ve seen Harley in a while. She isn’t just DC’s Deadpool here. She’s a bad guy who wants to stick it to the other guy. And I love that. Some people say that Harley being on the Squad is a bad call but I disagree this is always a plus. She gets no response from her team however and she goes to face Rustam on her own.

The story picks up what could be considered the backup story of the book. Captain Boomerang feels he’s worth more than what he’s been and decides to listen to Harley’s plea. Going to convince the couple of Enchantress and Killer Croc (…just eww) the three go to back up Harley. Then something happens that leaves me speechless. But I’m not telling.

The story here is very well done. So, good that I can’t ruin the finale. But I will say the struggle of both Harley and Boomerang trying to be more than villains is so well done even though they seem to be in totally different parts of the story. I love this but I honestly hope after this arc we go back to fuller story telling rather than this split style.

The art in the first half is Romita Jr, pass. But the of somewhat realistic/stylize approach of Eddy Barrows is very interesting. The way it seems as if it could have been hand painted in some panels especially the last one with the big reveal is just so well done. Hopefully he goes on as the main artist after Romita Jr departs. Only one can hope.


Rating: 9/10


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Founder of Shoot The Breeze Comics. Co-Host of the comic book news podcast Panel To Panel. A longtime comic book, video game, and anime nerd. Favorite Superhero is Aquaman...Fight Me

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