Teenage Mutant Other…Stuff?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #68

Story by: Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow & Tom Waltz

Script by: Tom Watlz

Inked by: Mateus Santolouco

Colors by: Ronda Pattison


Reviewed By: Michael Tyler

Poop jokes never get old. Same old @#$%, different story. That’s how our heroes open up (no pun intended) in this latest issue. Well, what kind of humor do you expect from sewer dwellers? Well there is some positive flow, the turtles practice their forms (martial arts) warming up for more oncoming threats.

Well speaking of threats, in comes one of the teenage mutant other things down the sewer staircase, interrupting our heroes squabble about their pet Pepperoni. Held at gun point our blowhard turtle Raph stands down. It’s Mutanimal Hob! His arm is all banged up and tells the turtles how the government is on a mutant hunt (in our last issue, Slash got taken over and well, slashed the Mutanimals…)

Cut scene to a government lab, where our Mutanimal friends are hanging around. We overhear a normal phone call to set the scene for normalcy even though, we are apparently in for a bizarre night at work. What is going on down here you may ask? You guessed it! The government is trying to weaponize the Mutanimals! Typical government takeover, we don’t understand it, so lets use it to destroy something…against their will nonetheless. Speaking of wills, the will to survive is pretty strong, as we learn with a Mutanimal Stingray? He starts talking to the agent in charge about TCRI, which is a distraction ploy you see…He then breaks from his bonds showing off what he is capable of.  He kills a few guards and gets the man in charge in a stranglehold. Surprising the Stingray, and the audience as well, the agent fights back with hidden powers of his own…remarkable! They exchange punches, hard and fast, as well as some words about war on terror, until the fight ends with a gun up against Stingrays skull…I take it everyone has mutant powers these days… Except Colonel Knight, well we will see…he ends the fight, and well the Stingray managed to do what he had planned by starting this fight,  buying time for the Mutanimals to get out of their confines and escape. Only the pigeon Pete remains…Hi I am Pete!

Sally and Mondo are on the run. Not really…Mondo wants to stay and jack some data, and Sally goes on a killing spree, ok then…Sally steals an attack vehicle and crashes out of the place….

Back at the Mutanimal hideout, the Turtles are with Hob going over the scene of the crime where the Mutanimals got attacked previously in issue #67. Trying to find clues as to why things happened the way they did, the Turtles come up empty handed. Just then, Donnie notices surveillance outside the apartment window. Of course, you know returning to the scene of the crime had its dangers right? Speaking the obvious Mikey asks if it’s the Darkwater guys, and Donnie confirms. Our heroes are surrounded…Hob sarcastically reiterates that the place would be monitored. Down below the commanding officer radio’s in and asks for orders. He is told to stand down because of the snafu back at headquarters. The last thing we see is Slash being prepped for battle, again…to be continued…

Jumping into the story so late in the series run, I am able to get the jist a little quicker than I had imagined. I still have a lot of catching up to do, but thanks to TMNT Universe there is some overlap here, as well as some references to the latter. Anyways, the story is solid and what I would expect it to evolve into. It is really nice to see other mutants and personalities besides the four main turtles.

What about the art direction? I have seen the turtles look like many things; this iteration makes them look more like teenagers than any previous incarnation I’ve ever seen. Which is a good thing I think? They look how they act, immature; if they were more mature it would be called Adult Mutant Ninja Turtles, and so on and so forth. You get the point. With all that being said, I give this series a good rating, higher than my expectations!


Rating: 9/10

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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