Brick By Brick…What a twist!

Suicide Squad #15

Written by: Rob Williams

Penciled by: John Romita Jr and Eddy Barrows

Inked by: Eddie Ferreira

Colored by: Dear White and Adriand Lucas

Task Force X has been torn apart, beaten up, and made to think their leader is dead, now with her return, the Wall begins to rebuild brick by brick. Shocked? No of course not its Amanda Waller, but what occurs is quite interesting. The questions keep piling up though, why did Boomerang kill Hack? How is Waller alive? Is Harley Quinn dead? Is Deadshot going to stay traitor? Will Croc and Enchantress stay a couple? Gosh I hope not but let’s see if we can answer the rest of those and still have a good read.

We pick up with Amanda Waller. Having returned from the dead to the shock of everyone present. Rustam, in shock most of all, is paralyzed by the sheer thought that he failed to seek his revenge. In his shock, he does not see Katana break free of her chains and take back her blade from him. She then slices off Deadshot’s arm, and Rick Flagg gets a good left hook in. But what about Harley? Isn’t she dead? Turns out she purposely wore a bulletproof vest to make the enemies think they had killed her. The team takes out Rustam’s men and Rustam says he’s still won. Waller on the other hand shows her hand and reveals that he killed all the people that she wanted dead, making Rustam still a pawn in her game. Deadshot, who had shot Rustam in service of Waller because of course he was a double agent the whole time, gets a new robotic hand…cool, but he’s finally able to see his daughter for being a double agent the whole time.

The second, better drawn half of the book, is exposition city. With Waller explaining how Enchantress places a spell on a bullet to basically make her dead when it entered her heart for 12 hours, how she plans to move forward with the future of the Squad, and the new allies she needs to achieve that future. Very well written. I love in comics when Waller reveals her hand because it makes you feel like no matter what, she’ll always win.

Suicide Squad issue 15 was a great ending to a great follow-up to Justice League vs Suicide Squad. From what I hear, Justice League didn’t really have much elaboration afterwards they sort of just moved on. So, the fact that they were take the Squad in this direction, even killing Amanda Waller, was a wonderful way to create separation and deception. The way Waller was brought back seemed similar to other stories but it was a good enough twist to make me give it a pass. Now with Harcourt seemingly overthrown by the President, (because if DC is actually going with a correct media based off the rebirth issue showing Barack Obama) that means Trump gives Task Force X the okay…and that’s kind of funny.

The art…I’m sorry but John Romita Jr does not care about this title. I wasn’t going to say anything and just dock points, but there is no effort, there is barely detail, and you can tell if he wasn’t contractually obligated, he would not be on this title for these past few issues. Eddy Barrows, who draws the second half of the book, is a breath of fresh air, a liberation from JR JR and it is so nice to see. The detail he puts into what he’s doing especially the flashback to Waller’s death are so well done that I am praying he soon gets the front half if not the entirety because he is great for a title like this.

Again, this conclusion is very well done, there are twists and turns and Amanda Waller is back on the throne where she belongs. It was a nice arc. I honestly don’t think in the history of comics, Waller has died on the job and if she has, I have no memory of it. Where this books falls is John Romita Jr. I feel as if that if they had let Eddy Barrows do the art for the entire issue especially when Romita Jr makes an armatrary change like give Waller sunglasses at the begining that she didn’t have at the end of the last issue in Barrows’s panels, I’m very excited for the future of this series and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Rating: 8/10

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Founder of Shoot The Breeze Comics. Co-Host of the comic book news podcast Panel To Panel. A longtime comic book, video game, and anime nerd. Favorite Superhero is Aquaman...Fight Me

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