Well…Alright Then

Titans #10

Written by: Dan Abnett

Penciled by: Brett Booth

Inking by: Norm Rapmund

Colors by: Andrew Dalhouse

The conclusion to made in Manhattan. The great return match of the Titans versus The Fearsome 5. Will it be as amazing as the old days? Will it give television based fans flashbacks of the first episode of the original Teen Titans show? Honestly not really but the nostalgia and semi-good writing make this issue enjoyable. Let’s look at Titans issue 10 and see if it’s any good.

The story continues where the last one ended. Nightwing and The Flash have been captured by the 5 and have been connected to a machine to drain them of their powers so the villains can redistribute them to the public under meta solutions. What I find odd about this is yes, they comment on how because of the speed force they will be able to sell Wally’s powers to the highest bidder, but Nightwing has no powers. Yes, he intelligent, agile, and good with weapons but at the end of the day, he’s human. So, them saying that they can syphon his skills basically sounds as if they’re going to turn a skinny guy into a body builder with a Harvard degree in one treatment. No real super powers though.

Any who, the Titans enter having entered the building after not receiving any psychic or electronic communications from Dick and Wally. They engage and the all-out brawl begins. Tempest vs Mammoth, Omen vs Psimon, Arsenal and Troy vs Shimmer and Jinx. This feels like the old days. I love every minute of it, but after so much of hyping up the Titans to be the superiorly trained older Teen Titans, they get their butts handed to them, prompting Karen to enter and save them with her barely understanding her powers and suffering a casualty of the mental variety. I’m not saying this battle wasn’t epic, but it felt like the bad guys should have been handled better by the seasoned vets. I don’t maybe I’m nitpicking too much.

Mal returns to try and help but gets there too late, Karen already damaged by Psimon. The team learns of her condition from Omen while Nightwing and Flash reconvene over the gathered information. Saying that the villains were involved with the H.I.V.E an old organization that they team had faced back in the day, leading into the upcoming event, Lazarus Contract.

Nostalgia aside, this feels somewhat anticlimactic. Like I said the fight is well written and executed, but something felt off. The team being taken out so easily seemed to be done for plot convince when it’s known that these guys could take out Psimon and his flunkies. The rest of the story is so well done. The chemistry is so good, the comedic sides are great, and the little nod that Mal could become guardian was kind of cool. Made me feel less hostile towards Young Justice for totally skipping him having powers.

The art by Brett Booth is also amazing. The action scenes are just spot on what I expect from a book like this. At times, it feels like all the females are always going to be drawn as skinny little petite things, and the males as muscular as possible, even gizmo looks like he’s been benching his computer, and it makes me wish there were some different body types. Granted that’s comics in general but maybe that’s a sign of some change needed.

Titans #10 is a good wrap up, but not as good as I thought it would be. Somewhat anticlimactic but not necessarily bad. It was enjoyable and an average end to a 3-part story. With a 3-book crossover coming up, maybe this was meant to be contextual filler I don’t know but I’ll accept it. COMMENCE THE EVENT!


Rating: 7/10


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Founder of Shoot The Breeze Comics. Co-Host of the comic book news podcast Panel To Panel. A longtime comic book, video game, and anime nerd. Favorite Superhero is Aquaman...Fight Me

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