The Lobo Squad

Justice League of America #1

Written by: Steve Orlando

Art by: Ivan Reís

Colors by: Marcelo Maiolo


OH BOY!!! I’ve been waiting for this baby for a long time. I’m being honest here, #1 reason I got this issue was because Lobo is here. So let’s get down to why this is a thing here.

After the events of Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, Batman decided that the world needed a team comprised of heroes that could be seen as human. So he takes it upon himself to gather a ragtag team made up both heroes (new and old), and former villains. The members are Batman, Vixen, Black Canary, the new Atom (Ryan Choi), Ray, Killer Frost, and Lobo.

You may be asking “why Killer Frost and Lobo members are is their villains?” The answer, Batman sees potential in them, especially Killer Frost aka Caitlin Snow. As for Lobo, well.. it keeps him preoccupied.

The issue starts of in Gotham City with Batman and Vixen on patrol. Bats mentions how the Justice League watches from above and how that’s not good enough anymore. Vixen then replies that the team is a powder keg ready to explode. Bats then say that people need to see heroes are human too and that the JLA will show them that.

The story then jumps to Vanity City, where Black Canary and Ray are saving people from a burning building. You see Ray is a lesser known D.C hero who can generate constructs through the conversion of light, and can fly through said conversion. Canary joined Ray in reassure him that he’s needed on the team.

Now, the best moments in all of JLA Rebirth #1: We’re over the pacific as we see Lobo fighting of a couple of lava monsters and it’s the best because as he’s fighting them, while on his bike, he’s saying that this line of work (the superhero kind) isn’t his style. He thinks the idea of saving the planet isn’t for him and that he “fragged” his home planet just to see them all fry. “But your little fire show is damaging the local underwater life, and the Main Man can’t stand to see a dolphin cry”.  BAM!!! End the issue right there! Ladies and gentlemen, Lobo still has a soft spot for dolphins, space or not, and that’s the main reason he’s fighting the lava monster in the first place.

While he’s doing that and being awesome, that story then moves to Happy Harbor at the teams new headquarters. He finds Caitlyn looking for Ryan (Atom) to see if he needs any help with setting up the base. As of now Caitlyn lives at the headquarters due to the fact that she’s a former villain. Ryan is in the process of finishing up the alert system to relay emergencies to the rest of the team. I like this panel because as Ryan grows into his normal size he’s about afraid of Caitlyn, almost calling her Killer Frost. Frost suggests to Ryan that she help him in setting up the new system since she is still a scientist and the one who built the bases generator system. Unlike most villains, Caitlyn still has good in her. The only reason she became a villain was from the fact that she needed to steal the heat from others to survive and it looked bad to others

As that’s happening, we move to Saratoga, New York. Everything is nice and dandy when a portal appears out of nowhere. The way it shows up though reminded me of Terminator, and we all now that’s a bad sign. So as soon as Caitlyn and Ryan Choi setup the alarm system, they see what came from the portal. A group of extra dimensionals known as The Extremist are overpowering the police and declaring themselves the new rulers of the planet.

This is the part where you fan girl now as the Justice League of America finally rallies to defeat the new threat of invaders. The show up to halt the attack and Lord Havok, the ring leader, discloses why they are here on Earth. Apparently their home world was destroyed by war and they showed up to “save the world” by ruling it. Like we haven’t seen that already… (Cough) cliché.

So a fight breaks out like always as per comic books, and ends with atom thinking to himself that he’s actually fighting with Batman and other heroes. But like that he gets captured and held hostage by Havok and is literally put on the chopping block to be executed. As the axe is about to be dropped Batman steps in and says to use him as an example instead. Then BAM it’s the end of issue one. I loved this issue for many reasons. The lineup is unique, the artwork is great, and the way they set up the team dynamic is amazing. You have three hero veterans, two rookies who think they aren’t cut out to be part of the team, and two former villains, one who’s an immortal BAMF. For those asking is it worth it to read it, go ahead, it’ll pick up in issue 2.

Rating: 8/10


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