Back To Business…With One Arm

Suicide Squad #16


Written By: Rob Williams

Penciled By: Tony S. Daniel

Inked By: Sandu Florea

Colored By: Tomeu Morey

Suicide Squad Rebirth has been a well paced series with very little drop off in terms of the story dragging on. Unlike other titles in DC’s Rebirth line, the only thing that seeminly hurt this book over the past few weeks was sadly its art. But the editors have answered our prayers for John Romita Jr has exited this title and the amazing work of Tony Daniel to empower the book I love so much. Is the art enough to bring back one of the best rebirth titles to it’s top tier status? Lets find out.

The story is a rather simple one. Amanda Waller, after her return from death over the past few issues, has finally decided to finally begin controlling the beast of a kryptionian she has had locked up in the bowels of Belle Reve prison. General Zod, Superman’s worst enemy. To do that, she must go to Superman’s self appointed worst enemy, Lex Luthor. Amanda has a wonderful time with him. Sipping on wine, Lex attempting to give her a small gift to show his affection but he turning it away, almost sharing a passionate moment, but all of it is interupted because Lex is finally alerted to what has been transpiring in his personal vault.

As Waller was unitentionally romancing one of the most dangerous humans on earth, Task Force X has been sneaking through Lex’s vault to optian his stash of Kryptonite he has put up for a rainy day. Along the way we see them deal with Boomerang losing an arm by teleporting and all the antics that come along there, Enchantress turning everyone into zombies, and them being attacked by a horde of mutated Bizarros that unintentionally make the entire current Red Hood and the Outlaws comic to mean nothing. If Luthor can just clone more that just means Jason has one less friend and that makes his fan community sad.

When Luthor finally enters his vault, copyright stealing- i mean “memory honoring” Superman battle suit and all, and literally smashes the team into the ground. Which honestly shows the limitations of the team and puts them on a more stable playing field. What I liked about this and Justice league vs Suicide Squad is that they realize that against real superpowered threats, the Suicide Squad would be decimated unless they had an overpowered individual such as the previous Killer Frost, or the incoming Zod. The team narrowly escape but not without Waller accepting the gift from Luthor and the book ends with some meteor rock induced surgery.

Suicide Squad issue 16 is literally what the Suicide Squad is about. Going in for impossible missions and coming out on top somehow. One could say the last arc was just that but in my opinion, they only succeeded because Waller pulled the strings from beyond the grave. Here its a natural progression, with very funny dialogue. Part of me feels as if the writer Rob Williams secretly hated Captain Boomerang. So far in 16 issues he’s died, been digitally brought back because of a crossover, has secretly betrayed the team, and now he’s randomly lost an arm. It makes for a great narrative, and honestly I think if it weren’t for Justice League vs Suicide Squad he would of stayed dead longer.

The art is a blessing from the comic book gods. Tony Daniel breaths new life into this book after the horrendous last few issues and I am so thankful. Interviews say Daniels only here for an arc, but its so good that for what’s coming up next in the story, I’m very thankful he’s here.

This is indeed a return to form. Amazing writing combined with phenominal art (other than one weirdly drawn Boomerang head) makes for a comic that Im glad I paid full price for. Thanks for shooting the breeze with me.

Rating: 9.5/10

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James Portis

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Founder of Shoot The Breeze Comics. Co-Host of the comic book news podcast Panel To Panel. A longtime comic book, video game, and anime nerd. Favorite Superhero is Aquaman...Fight Me

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