Faith and Archer go to Comic Con!

Faith Issue #3

Written By:

Art By: Pere Perez, Marguerite Sauvage

Can, I just explain my fangirling when Faith and Archer finally came out in their relationship more in the Faith Comics. It literally makes my heart so happy! I can’t even. (Yeah, I’m white girling over here. Fight me.) Anyways, this comic opens up nothing at all like the previous one. Archer and Faith are heading to the LA Comicon. I absolutely love this issue because of the fact that they are throwing in random Con tips throughout the entire issue. I personally have never been to a con, not that I haven’t wanted to. I just have been able to, so for them to throw in those tips, I just thought was super original.

When you open up to the real front page I love how the artist drew all the artists and writers of Faith as if they were at the Con. It’s a really nice change of pace versus just reading their names. It’s also a nice way to really include themselves in the comic.

I love Archer in this comic because he’s so socially awkward, this being his first Con and all. Plus, if you know anything about his character he is already crazy socially awkward. So, of course the writers had to put him into situations that he would hate, such as taking pictures with people in his costume. Faith, of course, is just telling him to have fun, but we know that’s kinda hard for Archer.

Next thing we see is the crime aspect of the comic, because what’s a super hero comic without a villain? Even if Faith is just looking for a fun time with her boyfriend? Faith then has a flash back thinking about how Con’s should just be safe and fun. They should just be somewhere for people of equal interests to hang out and be nerds.

When she comes out of her flash black we find Archer really finding himself in his character and actually having fun. Then ruins it by trying to help the cops. Not realizing, that everyone is dressed up as super heroes and no one is going to take him seriously. So Faith has to stop him before he makes a fool of himself too much. You then see them turn into undercover detectives and begin trying to solve the Mystery, Scooby Style. They then start looking at the media to try and find some tips. Then find their masked figure…or should I say “moused” figure…Funny…No? Okay….

Once they locate the bad guy they find the items that he had stolen, are actually glowing and then explode causing them to fly out of the room. Of course even during this moment, they are adding in Comic Con tips to help you out whenever you go to a Con and run into an evil mouse…

This is where things get interesting. Faith has hit the wall, Archer is making sure she’s okay and then what do we see? A Faith Doppelganger. The real question though is which Faith is Evil.


This is where this comic ends. It’s a fun issue, it really is. I love the connection between Archer and Faith throughout this issue. You really get to see their connection, and you start to be able to see how well they work together as a team. It’s a fun time. I love the art for this comic as well. I love the costumes that they are in for Con. I also love how they made the people around them look normal. I will forever say this, I love how realistic the faith comics are and how realistic the characters are.

I love the humor, the tips, and seeing Faith and Archer. This is definitely a must read!

Thanks for Shooting the Breeze with me!

Rating: 10/10

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