You Don’t Look Like a Ned (Spider-man #16 Review)

Spider-man #16

Written By: Brian Michael Bendis

Art By: Oscar Bazaldua

Color Artist: Justin Ponsor

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Miles Morales is Spider-man, New York’s street level webslinger. Now with his secret revealed to his mother, and a stupid crossover with an elseworld’s story complete, he can continue his work of protecting the city from it’s criminal underworld, now being overtaken by Hammerhead and Black Cat. Can the once Ultimate Spider-man continue to be the true Spider-man book everyone craves to have and not the other guy? Let’s take a look.


The story goes as such:

With Black Cat, a once thief and Spider-man(Peter Parker) supporting character and ally, along with Hammerhead, a long time Marvel crime lord, having partnered to in quest to take over the streets of New York, they are continuing their plan by attacking different criminal installations.

While all of this is going on. Miles Morales is dealing with what a teenage superhero should be. The stresses of school and maintaining his secret identity, but he’s failing at the second one. His mom now knows him to be Spider-man thanks to the events in the previous issue, and the finally confronts him about it. What transpires leaves Miles in a fit of frustration that leads to one very cool moment for him that almost makes me wish Venom wasn’t in his own solo series so the symbiote could be here, or we had a villain to lead Miles astray. Rehashes are not my favorite thing in the world, but he’s Spider-man for crying out loud! Let Spider-man things occur. The comic ends with a very clean jab from writer Brian Michael Bendis towards the upcoming movie Spider-man homecoming for basically stealing one of his characters and calling them a different character from Spider-man lore. Can ya guess who it is?



The Plot and the Art:


This story doesn’t achieve much but it sort of is the kind of issue that’s playing catch up for newer readers or old readers such as I who fell off the wagon after the Spider-Gwen nonsense began. It reintroduces you to Miles’s current villains, his supporting cast (though his father Jefferson is strangely not here) and gives you a current plot point for you to keep up with, though if Ganke does what I think he’s going to do in the preceding issues…This might get very interesting. Like original Civil War interesting. Plus according to the next issue’s cover and a discussion in the book, Bendis’s love child God Balls is returning to hero work. God help us all.

The art is very well done. It almost lures you into thinking Sara Pichelli is the one drawing it but no, for one reason or another she has departed from the book. Which is fine, artists move to different projects. What matters is if this books art stay consistently good and it is. Oscar Bazaldua does a very good job of conveying the emotion especially in Miles who is under a ton of stress as a teenager trying to be a superhero.


Is it a good book?


Definitely. Spider-man #16 is an essential read for any new reader to Miles Morales, especially if you’re adding this to your pull list until its eventual cancellation due to the approaching Marvel Legacy. The story is well done, the one major action scene is something I haven’t seen in a comic in awhile, and I’m very excited for the future of Spider-man. So much better than Amazing. Don’t read Amazing. Peter Parker isn’t cool anymore.


Rating: 9.5/10


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Founder of Shoot The Breeze Comics. Co-Host of the comic book news podcast Panel To Panel. A longtime comic book, video game, and anime nerd. Favorite Superhero is Aquaman...Fight Me

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