What happens when a court hits a wall? (Suicide Squad #17)

Suicide Squad #17


Written By: Rob Williams

Penciled By: Tony S. Daniel

Inked By: Sandu Florea & Le Beau Underwood

Colored By: Tomeu Morey

Task Force X is finally back in business and under it’s true management. Now with the greatest weapon on the planet at their disposal, it only seems fitting to return to where they got him and return fire. Can Amanda Waller lead this team against its Russian counterpart while also dealing with the enemy within her organization that was obviously the enemy from the beginning? Let’s find out


The story goes as such:


Amanda Waller, now having adding General Zod to her team after placing a kryptonite bomb in his head since he’s an alien and would have no other way to kill him, has sent the Suicide Squad to eliminate the Annihilation Brigade. This team is basically the russian government’s idea to have their own Suicide Squad, our team having fought them during the events of issue 1-4 of this series. While all this is going on however Agent Harcourt, the woman who took over for Waller for like 3 issues but now is back to being her annoyed backup, has finally given up her act as a good little government agent and has decided to enact her plan to destroy Waller and Belle Reve. Instead, what goes around comes around and Harcourt finds out first hand that you don’t mess with the wall.  


The Plot and the Art:

The story here feels short but enough happens to keep you engaged. The brawl between the squad and the Annihilation Brigade is hilarious with Deadshot blatantly saying they’re going to die because Zod wants to make everyone kneel, and just the banter that this team is known for is so enjoyable. Though a romance in the book that has been hinted at for the past few issues arises again…for one image…and it really has had no true build up, but i digress. The sort of redemption that Boomerang gets that we hopefully we get follow up on in the next issue is very satisfying because what had happened before with hack was just a true “why in the world” moment.

The art is very stunning here especially in a splash page of the entire team falling from the sky, along with others of Zod just wrecking people’s lives as he makes his entrance. Tony Daniel graces these pages with an almost Jim Lee level of quality on each page that I just adore every time I see it. It’s sad that he will be leaving after this arc, so I will have to enjoy him while I can.


Final Judgement:


Suicide Squad #17 is a very enjoyable issue. Nothing is really bad or negative here. Some might give the Harley/Flagg thing flack but hey, if Croc and Enchantress can find love, i’ll believe anything. However this is my exact problem still. This team is too comfortable. I remember during the new 52 run where there were different expendables each mission. Now we’ve gotten to a point where they’re all always here. I’m surprised Croc or Enchantress or even Deadshot after the last arc haven’t made an exit of some kind. This problem isn’t affecting my score, but it matters. The Suicide Squad is supposed to get rid of basically anyone that isn’t Deadshot, Harley, or Boomerang. Here, we have the entire movie cast minus El Diablo for some reason and they’re doing the job, but the missing factor of expendable forces still remains. Regardless I feel comfortable recommending this book. Very well done.

Rating: 9/10

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Founder of Shoot The Breeze Comics. Co-Host of the comic book news podcast Panel To Panel. A longtime comic book, video game, and anime nerd. Favorite Superhero is Aquaman...Fight Me

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