A Reverse (Flash #24 Comic Review)

The Flash #24

Written By: Joshua Williamson

Pencils By: Carmine Di Giandomenico

Colors By: Karl Kerschl

What You Need to Know:

This really was a refreshing way to tackle a crossover. I mean that in the best of ways possible because coming off of a 4 part crossover with Batman. Well, I’ll just say after that I wasn’t really looking forward all that much because of admittedly the fact that we literally just got a crossover with Batman one issue ago.

What You’ll Find Out:

I’m happy to report that Hal isn’t even a crossover he’s more of a guest appearance and the comic really only uses him for comic relief and a pep talk but what’s most important is that the comic uses him sparingly.


What Just Happened?

The comic opens with Barry and Hal fighting off a hoard of Multiplex and of course clone/duplicate battles can always be fun just ask Loki, Mysterio, Multiple Man, etc. Meanwhile Thawne appears to talk to Iris of a history lesson. Which of course leads to a pretty epic showdown between Wally and Eobard which I don’t want to go into to much depth about right here. Hal has a drink with Barry and talks to him about life and how it’s trivial and to make every moment count. It’s actually a rather touching scene which reminds us why Hal and Barry are such great friends. Of course Barry comes back after hearing the Green Lantern’s stance and wonders if he should tell Iris. Before any of that happens Thawne abducts Iris and takes her to the future and that’s where our issue ends.

Now it’s actually kind of hard to talk about this issue because it’s actually a pretty short issue that’s mainly just here for set up for our next big arc revolving around Thawne and thank god for that because Reverse Flash is just one of my favorite villains in general. I will definitely say it’s great seeing that Thawne survived Manhattan’s nuke basically from “The Button” event. Things are beginning to unfold quite nicely this issue had loads of heart, decent witty humor, as well as just a lot of fun seeing Hal and Barry together again. Something I didn’t even know I needed. Honestly I was going to name this review something GL related but Reverse Flash took center stage here and I really love how they’re setting him up to have this sort of compelling argument and justifying it but we’ll get more into his motivation next review. I will say one thing every time you involve Thawne your storyline is basically guaranteed to get more interesting.


Final Thoughts:

Great artwork as usual, great established stakes, the groundworks been laid and set up for the rest of the storyline to unfold more naturally now. The center of this issue is really it’s heart and humor and yeah it’s one of those issues where not a lot really happens in favor of setting up next issue. Despite that however the issue is still incredibly charming and full of that signature Flash heart I’ve come to love. Plus the return of Eobard makes me so ecstatic and really opens the doors for more opportunity.

Rating: 8.5



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