Till Death Do Us… (Thanos #2 Review)

Thanos #2

Written By: Jeff Lemire

Art By: Mike Deodato

Color Artist: Laura Martin


Thanos issue 2 starts off strong and doesn’t pull any punches it pulls you in and immediately gets to it’s point. It puts you in the world of peace and serenity established for centuries on the homeworld of Nulla with the species called the Nullans. They are established as peaceful creatures who have only ever helped others, lent a hand, and have accomplished advanced scientific achievements. No one would dare be selfish enough to do this species who have done nothing but good any harm, right? It’s serenity until a certain party pooper crashes the party and starts murdering everyone Thanos almost makes you wonder why you root for the bad guy to begin with. Almost, there is some part of this destructive onslaught of carnage that is entertaining but it’s more so supposed to be tragic, unless you’re cold hearted and just rooting for the villain like myself.
Point is that immediately sets the tone and that strong opening gets the ball rolling

For what appears to be an action packed issue 2.We switch over to our other protagonists when we find that Nebula is raiding a ship to claim a bounty for herself eventually intervened one shoot out later by Starfox and Champion it’s safe to say she’s a little displeased. Back to Thanos he is now on Gilgrath it is soon discovered that he was on Nulla desperate and looking for answers in his desperation he turns to someone us readers would’ve never thought to have seen happen. He turns to mentor now of course Gilgrath is a scientific compound on a Shiar moon(that’ll come up later I promise) and here we see Thanos get a lot of great moments that i wouldn’t want to spoil here point is this “the most cutting edge scientific facility in the universe”. Anyways after some expertly written banter between Mentor and Thanos you get some insight into the jolly giants past and mindset. Again not going to spoil here but you really do sense that despite that jolly grin and malicious intent Thanos is just a broken being who’s all alone this scene adds for a lot humanizing that works for the character knowing he’s dying and it seems there’s nothing that can be done about it. I think what works most here is the broken relationship between Mentor and Thanos as Lemire does his research on the Mad Titan’s history. You really do get a sense of hatred from both parties here but also a sense of connection.

Obviously Thanos despite wanting all these years to court her fears death and does not want to die. He turns to the one person he thought might be willing to help but not only doesn’t want to but can’t. His fate seems sealed at this point but still in denial he lashes out in a fit of rage and does something so ballsy none of us could’ve seen coming but I won’t spoil it here point is he’s back at square one. We cut back to Thane who has all of his knights of the roundtable assembled and have gotten their finale member Nebula on board and ready and gives an inspiring speech about morality and redemption for those who have stood idly by all those years and done nothing to change anything about thing it’s a great speech and gets us as an audience ready as they ready their plan of attack.

Back to Thanos as he begins to leave the planet just as he’s confronted by the Shiar Imperial Guard for entering Shiar airspace(told you it would come up later) and then it ends setting up for a fight to end world’s next issue I mean Thanos vs Gladiator how could one not be excited. What works about this issue is of course there are some cool action set pieces but it’s more of an emotional dialogue based issue and typically those can land flat on their faces and fail to be good if not interesting but luckily everything given here is interesting. The artwork and colors are of course a plus Marvel cosmic always works visually. But I think what works most about this issue and is really impressive is Lemire manages to find a way to humanize Thanos without compromising his character or writing him out of character proving this series and this character truly do have more layers to them then appears.


Rating: 9.5/10

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