An Irredeemable Hero (Infamous Iron Man #2 Review)

Infamous Iron Man #2


Written By: Brian Michael Bendis  

Pencils By: Alex Maleev

Colors By: Matt Hollingsworth


Now the first issue of this series Infamous Iron Man opened with a conference of supervillains meeting up at a table where The Hood asked Dr Doom the question of why do  you do what you do. It’s a very powerful question that Doom no longer has the answer for or an even scarier notion never had the answer for it’s amazing this rings so true to him and hits him so close to home he doesn’t really know how to respond let alone react so he just banishes him choosing not to deal with that question anymore because it angers him. Why because it’s true and honestly a question we all ask ourselves at some point. Why do we do what we do? That question sets the theme of this entire series perfectly as well as redemption and it’s something Doom begins questions more and more until eventually he realizes he’s wrong and doing the wrong thing. Wasting his potential on an illustrious life of crime it all seems small and irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Doing evil doesn’t matter and without a purpose he comes to realize what he is doing is meaningless and does nothing for him. He’s empty, hollow, and alone but he is changed whether the world wishes to see it or not.

“So you are a man who has everything…. And nothing.”-Iron Man 2008. No but seriously that line really does hit close to home and drive home the true dichotomy and parallelism between Tony and Victor. Both self made genius’s/inventors who in their own eyes see they build and everything they do is for the betterment of mankind. These two characters have more in common than some care to admit and it makes perfect sense why out of all the heroes in the Marvel universe Doom has always looked up to Tony. Because he can relate to him and see himself in him and maybe secretly he always wanted to be like him. Truth be told Doom has always recognized their many similarities and Tony would be like Doom if he walked down a different darker path and Doom would be Tony if he went down a path where he had someone to be there for him. But truth be told Doom has never been happy always so alone in that suit of armor finally realizing the error of his ways and that he was wrong he hopes it’s not too late to make a difference to change. See Tony had it all and in that Doom hopes maybe he can find some purpose if were to live more like him.

So I guess the real question can people come back from the void the abyss changed? Can people really change and will people ever be able to accept it? Well it’s definitely easier said than done and while Doom’s motivations are never really spelled out for you there is enough there to understand the characters pain, struggle, and frustration to prove that he’s not what everyone thinks he is. He’s not that man anymore it’s a very ambitious story to tell but it’s one that i think is working. We’re still getting a lot of mystery and slow build up which is good because Doom was never the type to always tell us what he’s thinking but he’s always thinking. The motivation is left vague for better narrative and storytelling purposes and I’m ok with them dragging it out for better helping the character I mean the guy’s not just going to flat out say it. But don’t worry they’ll explain it eventually. To be honest not a lot really happens this issue other than a cool fight between Mad Thinker(similar to last issue’s fight with Diablo) which really does allow for some cool visuals showcasing what happens when tech meets the arcane arts, some great comedic moments with Ben Grimm, and some well written dialogue between Victor and Armara who he took an interest in her scientific theories and concepts last issue. She kinda acts as his anchor to humanity in a way. I do love the way they portray Doom as a Jason Voorhies type slasher to any supervillains who refuse to use their scientific minds for the betterment of mankind and who refuse to cooperate with him it makes for good fun in a sadistic type of way. Anyways the issue ends with the oh so iconic “IT’S CLOBBERIN TIME” setting up a fight between Victor and Ben who has been searching for Victor this entire time.

All in all the issue is fine but works more as set up for what’s to come they clearly have bigger things planned for this character and this series and I’m still just as excited as I was before to keep reading it.


Rating: 8.5/10

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