You killed our Pa,…but we found YOU! (Old Man Logan #25 Review)

Old Man Logan #25


Writer: Ed Brisson

Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.

Colorist: Frank Martin

The new creative team of Ed Brisson and Mike Deodato Jr. bring Old Man Logan face to face with his past, while successfully moving his story forward with Part 1 of Days of Anger.

What you need to know: All Logan wanted was a break from the city. While checking on a friend at an old truck stop in British Columbia, he quickly discovers things aren’t as they seem. The Hulk Gang (or a new incarnation of them) have taken over the diner and are out for blood. But there’s a more ominous threat pulling the strings: The MAESTRO!

What you’ll find out: Grandpa Maestro has a commune of kin living with him at a Decommissioned Department H facility in the Yukon Territory of Canada. This is a stealthy, more calculating Maestro then we’ve seen before, but he’s no less threatening. The reappearance of the Hulk Family from Hell in Logan’s new “reality” raises a whole new set of questions, and Logan seems determined to find them and finish them for good.

What just happened? Days of Anger Part 1 delivers from many vantage points. Writer Ed Brisson smoothly carries the baton first held by Jeff Lemire, whose run on issues 1-24 of this series set the bar. He’s got the right tone and dialogue here to give the reader the real sense that Logan has had ENOUGH and is ready to scrape the remnants of the past off of his shoes. He regrets not having killed Billy Bob and the baby Hulk during his last encounter with them, and it’s this thought running through his head as he fights off Billy Bob and his 3 brothers and a sister, Cambria, who seems a bit more sensitive to her sibling than Grandpa Maestro. Billy-Bob, the “simperin’ baby” (as his brother Beau calls him) who nearly gets mortally reprimanded by the Maestro, is another character to watch out for. Beyond the siblings mentioned, we see at least 12 more Hulk Gang members (in human form) plus 4 children at the base, which will put Logan at that inevitable cross-roads again. Will he finally put an end to this monstrous legacy? Mike Deodato Jr is for me, a Modern Marvel Master. His dark and detailed style is a perfect match for this title. The panel blocking gives a Neal Adams sense of movement that adds to the action. I like seeing Logan looking like LOGAN and there is no mistaking the silhouette here. In actuality, Deodato Jr raises the bar for the 3rd volume of this title.  

Rating 9/10

Final thought: A very strong start for the new creative team, who manages to maintain the tone of the series, while stepping into an intriguing new direction. Could we be witnessing the beginning of a new classic run? If they keep this up, most definitely.  


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