He Can Fly (Weapon X #2 Review)

Weapon X #2

Author:  Greg Pak

Penciler:  Greg Land

Inker:  Jay Leisten

Colorist:  Frank D’Armata



We’re getting there…as long as you don’t mind the slow pace.  Of course, slow is a relative term.  Because there’s still androids, sharp objects, people running with said sharp objects.  Oh, and jokes about dating sites.  Can’t get enough of that.

Previously:  The Weapon X program already had Lady Deathstrike in its clutches.  Now, it has a sample of Wolverine and is going after Sabretooth with its adamantium robots that can disguise themselves as humans.  Unfortunately (for Weapon X), the two have joined forces.

Currently:  Now we have Warpath enjoying some R&R, this time in the fields of Arizona, watching the horses run graze.  Until of course they start running from a helicopter, disturbing the peace.  Warpath being who he is, easily takes the helicopter down only to find that it was remote piloted.  Then the horses return, but turns out that, like the “humans” last issue, they are cyborgs and they quickly take down Warpath despite his incredible healing factor (um…what?) and his skill.

Elsewhere, more androids attack Wolverine and Sabretooth.  This gives us insight into what Weapon X is doing…each time they obtain genetic material, they upgrade their cyborgs with the skills and powers of the previous target, making them that much more deadly.  Wolverine and Sabretooth reluctantly fight together.  They fight.  They insult each other.  They win.  They keep insulting each other.  At Weapon X, the next target is announced:  Domino.  And Warpath is in one of their fun little tanks.

Oh…and apparently Sabretooth uses dating sites.  I wonder which one?

Thoughts/Reviews/Snide Comments:  Even once I found out that Land traces a lot of his work, I never had much of a problem with it, except that often he uses source material that seems completely out of place.  The biggest issue?  That damn smile that shows up so often.  Wolverine and Sabretooth both show it off here and it just…doesn’t feel right.

Pak gives us more inner monologue, this time of Warpath.  We also get a nice overlap of Warpath’s battle and a conversation going on at Weapon X as they watch.  Gives a nice cinematic feel to it.  But…and this is my big complaint…Warpath has a healing factor on par with Wolverine?  WHAT?  I mean, it’s bad enough Pak reminded us that he can fly (I was really hoping that particular powerset would be forgotten) but then to completely redo his healing factor to make him heal any wound almost instantaneously?  Shame on you, Pak.  We don’t need another Wolverine/Sabretooth/Deathstrike on this team.  How about having a character who actually has to worry about getting stabbed?

Final Thoughts:  I was torn on this issue.  I actually love Warpath.  Been a fan since his Uncanny X-Men days and his later X-Force outing, but now…it feels like Pak is just trying to make a Wolverine team.  I was disappointed in this issue, despite having it start out strong.  The overall arc so far is compelling though, so I have no problems sticking with it.

Rating:  5/10.  Take it or leave it.

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