Who Is Diana Prince? (Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 Review)

Wonder Woman Rebirth #1

Written by Greg Rucka

Pencilers: Matthew Clark and Liam Sharp

Inkers: Sean Parsons and Liam Sharp

Colorists: Jeremy Colwell and Laura Martin


Wonder Woman embarks into a journey to find the truth in her Rebirth one shot. The Rebirth has changed all the DC Universe, but will it affect Diana for the better?

What you need to know: Diana is questioning her past. She seems to be remembering her New 52 origin and her pre-Flashpoint origin. She is questioning which one is real or fake. She asks herself a few questions. Who is she? What is she? Finally, why does the story keep changing?

What you’ll find out: After smashing the helmet of the God of War, Diana ponders that the helmet should be as indestructible as her lasso. Diana uses the Lasso of Truth on herself. The verdict it provides is that she has been deceived.  Diana decides that she must search for answers. She dons a new costume that looks close to the costume that Gal Gadot wears in the movies. She then goes to Olympus. She finds herself attacked by sentries created by Hephaestus. During the course of the battle, she realizes that the place is not Olympus. Everything was a lie. The issue ends with Diana even more determined to find the truth.

What just happened: The premise of this issue is to set up Diana’s status quo for the Rebirth era. The idea behind the Rebirth is to bring back elements the fans liked before Flashpoint in the New 52 setting. This issue calls into question everything about Wonder Woman. Was she made from clay or is she the daughter of Zeus? Was she ever really the God of War? Was Diana an only child on Paradise Island or were there other children?

The story is well written and thought provoking. I think it was a great idea to bring Greg Rucka back to the book. He wrote Wonder Woman before the New 52 and he seems to be a good choice to start the Rebirth status quo for Diana. Diana’s character moments are spot on. She is confused and angry about all the lies in her life. She is someone who holds the truth up as being a very important part of life, so these lies strengthen her commitment to the truth. The only downside I can see to this story is that it might be confusing to newer readers who are not as well versed in Wonder Woman lore.

The issue was well drawn and having two artists did not distract from the story. Matthew Clark drew the first portion Liam Sharp drew the part in “Olympus”. Clark draws a nice scene of Diana shattering a mirror that shows reflections of her different incarnations.  Liam Sharp is one of the regular artists for the series after the one shot


This issue was a good start to Wonder Woman’s new title and direction. It starts off by setting up the new quest and to fundamentally question who Diana is as a warrior, woman, and hero.

Rating  8/10

Final Thought: This story leaves you wanting more which is all you can ask for from a first installment.

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