Diving In (Supergirl 10)

Supergirl #10

Written by Steve Orlando

Pencils and Inks by Brian Ching

Colors by Michael Atiyeh


When trapped in the Phantom Zone who should take the lead? The Kryptonian or the Bat?

What you need to know: Supergirl, Batgirl, and Ben are lost in the Phantom Zone. They soon are picked up by what appears to be Phantom Zone Pirates. After they get on the pirates’ boat, they discover that they have been picked up by none other than Dr. Xa-Du, the Phantom King. Xa-Du was the very first criminal to be put into the Phantom Zone. The Phantom King plans on melting down Supergirl and having her power up his armor. His armor is powered from the melted flesh of Kryptonians. He hopes since Supergirl still has a bit of yellow sun charge that he will powerful enough to open something called the Aethyr Switch. During the course of the issue, Supergirl and Batgirl go back and forth on what is the best way to go about things. Kara usually reacts to trouble and Batgirl plans and strategizes. She has basically lost her powers in the zone so she defers to Batgirl.

What you’ll find out: The Aethyr Switch is revealed to be Psi, another Supergirl villain that Kara recently dealt with in the Batgirl annual. Dr. Xa-Du had tricked PsI to come to the Phantom Zone because she has the ability to enter and leave the Zone at will. Batgirl frees the trio and they find Psi. After Kara awakens Psi, she loses control and goes berserk. Against Batgirl’s advice, Supergirl attempts to help Psi. She says sometimes diving in is the only option.

The issue also shows the Fatal Five recruiting another villain, Selena, to battle Supergirl.

What just happened:  The second installment of “Escape from the Phantom Zone” shows the Phantom King’s plans to escape. Kara, Batgirl, and Ben also plan on using Psi to escape, if only she can get Psi to calm down.

One thing I love about this series is that you can plainly see that Orlando know his Supergirl history. He uses the villain Psi, who first appeared in The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl back in the 80’s. The issue also introduces the villain Selena. Selena was the witch that Kara fought in the Supergirl movie also back in the 80’s. She even says the line “Power of Shadow” while casting a spell just like in the film. As an old school Supergirl fan I must say that scene had me geeking out.


Rating 8/10

Final Thoughts: I am still not a fan of the art in this series, but Orlando’s writing and his knowledge of Supergirl’s history in comics and film has got me hooked.



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