Lucky Day (Weapon X #3 Comic Review)

Weapon X #3

Author:  Greg Pak

Penciler:  Greg Land & Ibraim Roberson

Inker:  Jay Leisten & Ibraim Roberson

Colorist:  Frank D’Armata



Looks like things are finally falling into place.  Pun intended!

Previously:  Lady Deathstrike and Warpath have been captured by Weapon X.  Weapon X is using DNA from the targets to make their killing machines more and more lethal.  Sabretooth and Logan escaped their cyborgs and are now hunting the hunters.

Currently:  Logan and Sabretooth have turned the tables and are tracking the adamantium cyborgs who are wearing human skin.  They track as though they’ve done this before, never giving away their location, staying far enough behind.  And when the cyborgs rent a car, Logan has the idea to track the car through GPS.

In Baja, CA, Domino enjoys some little sailing, a little treasure hunting, even helps a couple of other sail boaters find their way back to shore.  Of course, these are actually cyborgs in disguise and a fierce battle ensues.  Domino’s luck saves her, but when even grenades don’t seem to faze them, she might be in trouble.  Of course, Sabretooth shows up with a rocket launcher he picked up in Oregon and drops the two robots into the drink.  Apparently, that does it for the cyborgs and their self-destruct programs are initiated.

Apparently, this batch isn’t quite where Weapon X needs them to be.  So, they decide to go after the Hulk!

Thoughts/Reviews/Snide Comments:  Art-wise, this issue was a bit of a mix.  Sure, we still get plenty of creepy smiles (I know, I know, I get on that a lot but seriously…they always bug the crap out of me), but the fight scenes with Domino are fantastic and fun to watch! (pretty sure that’s thanks to the amazing art from Ibraim Roberson)

Pak brings more of his usual with inner monologues and it’s great.  Domino’s long been one of my favorite characters and I love just seeing her relax.  The format is similar to the first two issues…we get one of the mutants relaxing, then attacked, and then we find out their next target.  But the addition of Wolverine and Sabretooth tracking was a fun little twist.  The idea of Weapon X discussing everything behind the scenes also adds some enjoyment to scenes that would otherwise be just characters shooting at each other.

I must say…even the trope of the unknown bad guy saying “as long as we’ve gotten this close…die!” didn’t bug me like it should have.  Sure, it was corny, but it brought a smile to my face and Domino’s reaction definitely made it worthwhile.

Final Thoughts:  This was really a fun issue.  It’s nice to not be so serious and having Logan and Sabretooth team up reluctantly to save Domino?  Definitely a good time.  Especially with Logan and Sabretooth bickering like an old married couple.  You won’t be disappointed.

Rating:  8/10.

To Be Continued:  in Totally Awesome Hulk #19

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