I could have been there for you. (Iceman #2 Comic Review)

Iceman #2

Writer: Sina Grace

Pencilers: Edgar Salazar & Ibraim Roberson

Inkers: Ed Tadeo & Ibraim Roberson

Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg

Iceman joins Kitty Pryde on an extraction mission to save a young mutant in California only to discover there is no avoiding a conversation with his ex-girlfriend.

What you need to know: Continuing on his journey of self-discovery, Iceman finds himself alone with his ex-girlfriend, Kitty Pryde, who he has hardly spoken to since the reformation of the Xavier Institute.

What you’ll find out: The star of this issue is clearly Kitty. I’ve been enjoying her new status as school and team leader. Having her make an appearance in this series makes a lot of sense and her interaction with Bobby this issue is well done. We also get to see what it’s like on a typical day for Bobby Drake. We see him teaching classes at the Xavier Institute (with lots of cameo’s), then we see him running off on a mission, and fending off a group of people after the young mutant he and Kitty are trying to rescue. His name is Zachary and he appears to have the ability to not only amplify/disrupt electrical fields, but mutant powers as well. Bobby has been having a tough time trying to find his place as a newly out gay man, and having the inevitable discussion with Kitty is something I have looked forward to.  

What just happened? While it’s nice to see Iceman utilize some fighting skills, I’m hoping we get to see him really cut loose with his powers soon. This is a character building issue, but I wish there was some subtext with regards to Bobby. We really don’t get much from him this issue other than his reactions to whatever Kitty is saying to him. There’s no denying she’s become the Alpha character, but I feel it’s too soon to have him be the “guest star” in his own book. Iceman is a character known for his jokes and lighthearted demeanor. He displays it while “working” with Kitty, but “freezes up” (pun intended) when she gets to the topic of his homosexuality. While it’s understandable that he would be nervous, it would be nice to see what his thoughts are while this is happening or after the fact. I do want to see Kitty more often in this title, maybe not as a regular cast member, but as a friend and confidant. Her sincerity with Bobby is what makes the issue.

What works for me and what doesn’t: Kris Anka’s cover art is gorgeous as always, and the interior art is good in most places. I’d like to see a more creative use of Iceman’s powers. He’s a character we all know has extreme potential yet we see him battling non-super powered people for 2 issues now! I see that writer Sina Grace is setting us up for some scenes with Bobby’s parents. He hasn’t come out them yet. Booby’s parents, especially his father, have been written as very conservative and at times, bigoted, so this should be interesting in issue #3. Also, I’m curious to see if Zachary has a future role in the series or if he will blend in at the school.     

Rating 7/10

Final thought: A good issue, but this early on I wish there was a bit more characterization from the star of the series.

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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