Jolly Green Giant! (Totally Awesome Hulk #19 Comic Review)

Totally Awesome Hulk #19


Author:  Greg Pak

Artist:  Robert Gill

Colorist:  Nolan Woodard


The Mutant Odd Couple adopt a green-haired stepchild.  I’m not exactly sure what that makes Domino, though…

Previously:  Weapon X, using Cyborgs, has captured Warpath and Lady Deathstrike.  With DNA samples from those two (plus Logan and Sabretooth who evaded capture at least), Weapon X has created killing machines.  The next target would be Domino, but Sabretooth and Logan show up.  Weapon X decides the better target might be the Totally Awesome Hulk (he’s no longer just “incredible”).

Currently:  Amadeus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk, is just helping out in space with a jetpack when he notices something odd:  two humans flying up to meet him.  They fire missiles that deliberately miss him, circle around, and destroy his pack.  They shed their skins to reveal themselves as adamantium cyborgs.  A battle ensues (including one where Cho uses his frozen blood as hundreds of tiny little darts against the cyborgs) which results in one of the cyborgs destroyed and the other one taking a blood sample from Cho.  Of course as it turns out, that was Cho’s plan…to let the cyborg get close so that he could study it.  He falls back to earth, half a cyborg in tow.

In Baja, Logan, Sabretooth, and Domino search for pieces of the destroyed cyborgs from the last part, hoping to find anything that can give them a clue as to the cyborg’s origins.  When suddenly, Cho shows up and invites them aboard his rather large jet.  Turns out, Cho did some investigating of his own on the cyborg he captured and found that it had a healing factor and adamantium.  It also had bits of DNA from Sabretooth, Logan, Lady Deathstrike, and Warpath (the last one is how they could fly after the Hulk).  By hacking into the cyborg’s mainframe, he is able to tell where the cyborg came from.

But then a thought comes to Logan.  If Weapon X is using DNA from them to create the perfect killers, what would happen if they got Hulk’s DNA?  Cho then remembers the battle in space, thinking that it’s unlikely to have happened.  But unfortunately, the syringe survived and yes…Weapon X does have Hulk’s blood.

Thoughts/Reviews/Snide Comments:  Pak does a fantastic job of crafting almost a cinematic comic book, with a great use of off panel narration (such as when Weapon X is talking while watching the fight) and the humor very much makes this feel like watching one of Marvel’s movies.  Hell, I actually laughed out loud (for the first time at a comic book in the longest time) at this book (in the scene below).  It just caught me off guard, but made me like even the engineers.


Unfortunately, the art in this issue is only mediocre.  It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just not all that great.  Not terribly exciting.  Plus, I’ve never been a big fan of the Hulk and having a Hulk who can voluntarily transform and retains his intellect and is a smartass kid…I don’t know…just doesn’t seem that great to me.  Don’t get me wrong…I enjoyed the book.  But this didn’t feel like the Hulk to me.

My only other complaints with this book are very nitpicky.  I mean, how does Cho actually find Wolverine?  Why does he have everybody’s DNA on file (or maybe why does the government)?  Wolverine and Sabretooth I could understand, but Warpath?  How does he even find Wolverine?

But Pak keeps me from caring and his dialogue is so humorous and enjoyable, I find myself not wanting to really dig too much.  Because every time I do, I come back to Domino’s sarcastic “hot” towards Sabretooth….

Final Thoughts:  It’s a fun book.  Not a great one.  But fits in perfectly with the tone Pak set in the first three Weapon X issues.  It’s definitely one worth reading, but if you loved it when Hulk got all “Hulk Smash!” then you might have an issue…especially if you haven’t seen anything of Cho as Hulk.

Rating:  7.0/10  Good, with some room for Improvement.

To Be Continued:  in Weapon X #4.

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