Marvel Introduces (Another) New Ultimate Thor and Makes You Want to Punch Odinson in the Face (Mighty Thor #20 Comic Review)

Mighty Thor #20 Review

Written by Jason Aaron

Artists and Colors (Page 1, 9-12) by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson

Artists and Colors (Pages 2-8, 13-20) by Valerio Schiti and Veronica Gandini

Cover Art by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson

The world of Thor in Marvel comics has been spun on its head several times over the last few years with various characters (and creatures) taking up the call of the hammer. In the latest issue of Mighty Thor, yet another takes up the role of War Thor after tragedy strikes.

What You Need to Know: After the fight with the Shi’ar Gods and their threat of the coming “Ultimate Judgement” – Mighty Thor reassesses her priorities and grants a SHIELD agent her role as a World Congress Senator. Confused and frightened of her need to use the hammer, Jane goes to Odinson to finally confess that she is the newest worthy wielder of mojinir. Attempting to understand her need for purpose, Jane admits that when she picks up the hammer, she fears she may never want to put it down again.  

What You’ll Find Out: When Jane reveals herself to be the new wielder to mojinir to her old flame Odinson, he proves once again to readers why he became unworthy in the first place. His bitter jealousy is embarrassingly cringeworthy and every comment out of his mouth after her confession makes you want to kick him in the nuts, especially the moment he  insults their past relationship by admitting he fooled around on Jane – repeatedly – when they were supposed to be in love.  Low blow, Odinson.

Mojinir is nearby and Odinson offers to take it off Jane’s hands but somehow seems to forget that the hammer will sense his fall in character and that it’s not anywhere near ready to leave Jane’s side.

The art panels in this section of the issue were fantastic. Jane, portrayed as a frail and wisp of a person next to the physically large Odinson outshined him in more ways than physical, showing that not all strength comes from physical presence but rather force of will.

What Just Happened? Meanwhile, the world congress senators travel to various realms to assess the damage that war has caused. Malekith has essentially destroyed Alfheim and displaced the Light Elves, leaving the dwarves struggling to accommodate the refugee population.

While reviewing the situation, another fight breaks out and causes massive casualties to the Light Elf refugee camps. The loss of life sends everyone into shock – with one particular witness pushed to new limits, by taking up the call of the hammer that Odinson wouldn’t touch – the Ultimate Thor War Hammer.

Now that a new Ultimate  Thor is established, will three be enough to stem the tides of war?


Rating: 8.5/10

Final Thoughts: Mighty Thor continues to shine on the gem that is Jane Foster but really needs to give Odinson some time out.



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