Need Hulk Angry? Just Shoot Him in the Face! (Weapon X #4 Comic Review)

Weapon X #4

Author:  Greg Pak

Penciler:  Greg Land

Inker:  Jay Leisten

Colorist:  Nolan Woodard


The team is formed finally as they take on the Weapon X facility!  Yippi-Ki-Yay, moth…oh…sorry, wrong movie reference.  Um…I’m getting to old for this $#&%.

Previously:  Sabretooth and Logan help out Domino.  The Hulk (not the incredible one) is targeted by Weapon X, but manages to fight off his attackers and finds the aforementioned trio.  Together, they discover that Warpath and Deathstrike have also been captured.  Unfortunately, Weapon X already has some of Hulk’s DNA to add to their unstoppable killing machines.

Currently:  It’s a little frustrating because I don’t know what to call Logan’s team…but they decide it’s time to take on Weapon X and rescue their friend…and Lady Deathstrike.  So they jump out of a plane onto an “abandoned” oil platform, with Hulk leading the way…  because he’s Hulk.  They manage to fight their way through hordes of the Weapon X robots.  Hulk even gets overwhelmed.  He’s just not living up to his full potential.  Until Sabretooth shoots him in the face.  And he gets pissed.  And rips through the cyborgs (which is one of the best scenes of the book).

They rip (literally) through the floor to find the lab with Warpath and Deathstrike in tanks, being kept alive.  Logan frees Warpath while Domino frees Deathstrike (hoping that Yuriko won’t kill her).  The three scientists who have been overseeing the operation (two of which have been rather humorous in past issues) run for an escape, but Sabretooth easily rips off the door and Deathstrike immediately impales the oldest of the three.  One of the others begs for his life, but before Deathstrike can kill him, Hulk grabs her hand.  No more killing.

Cho instead talks to the two, trying to figure out who they work for.  The woman seems ready to talk, but then from some distance away, an order is given and the oil platform explodes, leaving nothing of the scientists behind, except for their bones.  Logan’s team is relatively unharmed, but it leaves them with the task of finding out who is behind this.

Of course we’re given a glimpse:  Reverend William Stryker.

Thoughts/Reviews/Snide Comments: Land’s art is actually pretty decent in this one.  Definitely enjoyable and doesn’t seem to have as much recycled art.  And Pak gives another action packed romp.  Mostly adventure and fighting.  Some witty repartee.  I’m still waiting to get some character development, maybe focus on some of the fan favorites like Domino and Warpath but at the same time, this has been building to a particular storyline and that was evident from issue #1.  It does leave me wondering what will happen after WMD finishes up.

This issue actually brings up some of the key differences between Cho/Hulk and the rest of the “team”.  Cho is clearly not comfortable with killing, which suggests he won’t stick around, but I have to wonder if it will put him in direct conflict with some of the other, more savage members (I hope it does).  He has to stop Deathstrike from killing and even admonishes Sabretooth for being glad when the explosion kills the scientists.  He definitely doesn’t fit in with this team.

I have mixed feelings about Stryker.  On one hand, he’s supposed to be dead and I guess I’m tired of them bringing him back over and over again.  On the other hand, I love him as a villain and 2 out of his 3 appearances have been some of my favorite stories.

Final Thoughts:  My only complaint is that this book feels like just another Hulk book.  Hulk even leads the team.  I’ve been willing to give them some leeway because I knew it was leading up to a crossover.  W.M.D. will determine whether these issues succeed or not.  Still…this issue (like most before it) had a Lethal Weapon feel to it and so I’m left with a smile on my face (plus a giddy feeling after that last page reveal)

Rating:  7/10.  Another solid outing…hope it lasts.

To Be Continued:  in Weapons of Mutant Destruction #1

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