Taco Tuesdays, Sexy War Robots and Betrayal! (Nightwing #23 Comic Review)

Nightwing #23

Writer: Tim Seeley

Artist: Minkyu Jung

Colors: Chris Sotomayor

Talking Love Dolls Gone Wild (Blockbuster Part Two)

When last we left our hero, Nightwing had been sucker punched by his new friend, the new Blockbuster (Roland Desmond). Blockbuster wants to team up with Nightwing to take down the new Casino Crime Boss of Bludhaven, King Shark. After a summary of the Rebirth history of both the original Blockbuster (Roland’s brother, Mark Desmond) and his own history, he explains that King Shark is running weapons for an outfit known as The Second Hand. He asks for Nightwing’s partnership in bringing them down. Why? Because Blockbuster loves Bludhaven, he grew up there and the streets are no longer safe because of Tiger Shark.

Can this new Blockbuster actually be trusted? Or is he as big of a slime ball that his haircut suggests that he is? To prove his loyalty, he provides Nightwing with a list of crooked Bludhaven cops that are currently on the take. Before Nightwing can agree or disagree, he is called away on an emergency.

It appears a local perv has accidentally activated an Algorithm Model War Droid (uncanny resemblance to Ladytron of the Wild C.A.T.S., btw) after mistaking it for a sex bot. Nightwing saves the day following a pretty cool fight sequence which ends in his fork lifting her to death all the while hashing out his relationship woes in his mind. More on that later.

He then confronts Detective Svoboda, who he sees as a somewhat trusted ally on the Bludhaven police department. Svoboda is pissed that Nightwing has ruined her Taco Tuesday. She basically puts him in his place, letting him know that any camaraderie he senses is one sided. He is a tool for her to use when needed, and that is all she sees him as.

While the action sequence between Dick and the killer robot is fun, there are some hiccups here between the script and the art. For instance, Dick seems to go from lying on his back to driving a fork lift without explanation. Later, Detective Svoboda, who a mere panel before had both hands on her gun, has a taco in her hand instead. Where the hell did she pull that taco out of? It’s a minor issue, but a personal pet peeve.

Love, Like a Root Canal

We now rejoin Dick’s troubled love life. (Insert audible groans.)

Dick and his girlfriend, Shawn Tsang, argue over his dismissal of the Longshoreman interview that she set up for him. It gets pretty intense as Shawn accuses Dick of not just being relieved but so relieved that it scared him, that she was not pregnant. Under the preface of “I can always be honest with you”, Dick then proceeds to tell Shawn that he’s not sure he could trust her to raise his child since she has so many anger issues; issues that allowed her to be manipulated into becoming the supervillian Defacer by her former partner-in-crime, Pigeon. Shawn is visibly upset by this, despite Dick’s assurance that they can work through it.

Dick is called away, and who does Shawn get a prison phone call from? You guessed it… Pigeon. Ooooohhhhhh… foreboding…

Dick Finds Himself in a Pickle

I do not want to give away too much here. Let’s just say that there is much more to the new Blockbuster than he has led on. And, Dick somehow finds himself outgunned and over his head, where he is always at his best.

I’m actually nervous for him.

Rating: 7/10

Final Thoughts:

Despite a couple of minor hiccups between the storytelling and the artwork, the Blockbuster storyline picks up by the end of this issue. The cliffhanger ending really has me anticipating the next issue.

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