Waller Picks Flag’s Successor, June and Croc Enjoy Some TLC (Suicide Squad #20 Comic Review)

Suicide Squad #20

Written by Rob Williams

Art and Panels by Stjepan Sejic, Cover by Otto Schmidt

Rick Flag has formally left the Suicide Squad, presumed dead helping defeat Zod’s phantom zone army with a kryptonite bomb. With his departure, Waller must choose a successor and her choice comes as an unexpected surprise. Stjepan Sejic also proves he’s the god of art by tackling not only Aquaman but Suicide Squad as well, doing both active issues beautifully.

What You Need to Know: Amanda Waller has made some risky moves in DC Rebirth’s Suicide Squad debut, nearly bringing Armageddon more than once. This time, with her attempted acquisition of General Zod into the ranks of the Suicide Squad, it finally backfires – in a big way. For once, Waller seems convincingly contrite in her dangerous plan and what it could mean to the world, offering to sacrifice her life to right such a huge wrong. Rick, determined to save the team, gets ahead of Waller and takes the ultimate sacrifice before Waller can. Now, the Squad is leaderless but intact. Zod has left the building and the Squad must decide to quit or rebuild.

What You’ll Find Out: The obvious choice for Flagg’s successor would be Katana, the silent killer second in command. However, Waller chooses a less  obvious candidate, one that takes both the team and the chosen new lead by surprise. To say the candidate is unhappy with the promotion is an understatement. Meanwhile, June Moone and lover Killer Croc take a mini vacation to New York and see the sights, giving Waller ample evidence of how far their codependence goes.

What Just Happened? Waller now has a new command in place of the Squad and she wants to continue the search for The People, a clandestine organization that infiltrated Belle Reeve and the Suicide Squad via Harcourt. It appears they’re aware of this and waiting for them. What will happen when the two groups meet? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Stjepan Sejic is a treasure. We hope to see him continuing to do art and panels for multiple titles in the future. He seems to handle tight deadlines, inking and coloring for not one but TWO active titles running on a bi-weekly publishing schedule. Can we clone this guy? Seriously impressed!

Rating: 8/10

Final Thoughts: Beautifully drawn, even if Waller’s choice of who should leave the Squad makes little in-character sense and more of a pull from DC’s editors and publishers due to this character’s current popularity.


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