“America is hope”- Ororo Munroe AKA Storm (America #1 Comic Review)



Written by Gabby Rivera

Art by Joe Quinones, Joe Rivera, Paolo Rivera

Colors: Jose Villarrubia


Young Avenger and Ultimates leader America Chavez has been given her own series. Does she have the character needed to make it work? Absolutely. Gabby Rivera gives the young hero a fully fleshed out personality beyond random spanish catchphrases. America is bold, unapologetic, and most of all heroic. In this issue, we see how she handles change; a potential new power, being single, and most terrifying of all, university. Joe Quinones’ art is beautiful, depicting America in a new costume and really highlighting her strength. There’s honestly something magical about a comic team made entirely of people of color writing and illustrating a strong bisexual Latina superhero in her own series.

The Plot:

Opening on Maltixa, a planet under attack, America battles an energy entity with Spectrum and Captain Marvel. America actually decimates the foe with a single punch, literally exploding it into stars.

Back on earth, America has decided to go to college! She initially planned on moving with girlfriend, Lisa, but Lisa pulled out the “This is your journey, not mine.” excuse. After a pep talk from now west coast BFF Kate Bishop (aka Hawkeye), America is now on her own and ready to navigate Sotomayor University.

She’s immediately approached by the Leelumultipass Phi Theta Beta sorority (I know, I love it), but passes it up because she’s late for class.

In Professor Douglas’s class, Intergalactic Revolutionaries and You, America finds her old friend, former mutant and current genius, Prodigy. Prodigy is working on a machine he calls The Wayback, not the most inventive name for a time machine, but it was in Disney’s Meet the Robinsons so it’s cute.

America decides to comandeer the machine in hopes of seeing her mothers again. She ends up in World War II Germany, face to face with none other than Captain America (Steve Rogers). We’re left with a cliffhanger as America uses her new star powered punch on Hitler’s face, altering the timeline.

Final Thoughts:

Honestly, I’m so excited by this series. The references to Sonja Sotomayor and The Fifth Element make it fun and America’s personality is so golden. Miss America is beauty, grace, and punched Hitler in the face.

My only worry is that another story about going back and changing the past might fall flat and become cliche, however, somehow, I’m not that worried about it. I’m also hopeful for more action in the coming issues. I’m all for a personal journey, but please kick more butt along the way.

Rating: 8/10



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