The Hunt Through Time Continues! (Cable #2 Comic Review)


Cable #2

Author:  James Robinson

Penciler:  Carlos Pacheco

Inker:  Rafael Fonteriz

Colorist:  Jesus Aburtov and Federico Blee

Cable does more ass kicking than Chuck Norris.  Most of it without an arm.

Previously:  Cable is hunting for somebody (we’ll call this guy Mr. X to simplify).  Mr. X is going through time and giving various bandits enhanced weapons in the past.  At first it was the 1800’s in Arizona.  Then it was the 1500’s in Japan.  Cable is following him.  He takes down the criminals in Arizona, but the warriors in Japan prove too much for him as they cut off Cable’s metal arm and prepare to cut off his head.

Currently:  Mr. X arrives in Japan (as we find out, this actually happens before Cable arrives…we’re getting a little back story here).  He’s there to request aid from a Lord Amiru.  The Lord laughs at his face and orders Mr. X killed…by flaying.  Mr. X instead kills the guards (with a fire-sword much like the soldiers had at the end of last issue) and blows up the castle, killing all inside (including the Lord).

Outside, he comes across some men, who were enemies of Amiru but did not wish to be blamed.  Mr. X offers a trade.

Now we get to the present (well…still in the past, but where we left off last issue).  Cable is on the ground, missing an arm, the men holding fire swords about to deliver the killing blow, when Cable manages to grab a knife, kill the nearest, commandeer a horse and escape to the woods…ALL WITH ONE ARM!


Once in the woods, he defeats his pursuers, takes back his arm (the metal seems to melt and reform to allow for reattachment), and commands the last conscious (or surviving…it’s not clear if the others are dead or asleep…maybe some of each) to take him to where Mr. X went.  Once there, Cable steps into another weird crop circle (the same thing as last issue) and is teleported to the year 1121 on the Yucatan Peninsula.  And he’s expecting more trouble…and gets it.  This time, the men have…energy feathers?  What the %$^&?

Thoughts/Reviews/Snide Comments:  The art is awesome.  I love Pacheco’s artwork, always have.  It’s probably the best art in the Resurrxion event.  That alone is making me want to pick up the next issue.

And let’s face it…Cable knows how to kick ass and we’re getting plenty of that here.  The battle in the woods, where he deftly takes out every single one of his pursuers, is awesome.  We really do get a good sense of how good he really is.

The problem is, that’s all we get.  We get a few extra clues here.  Mr. X almost looks like he could be a younger version of Cable (or maybe Stryfe).  He looks like maybe he has a metal arm?  (actually, he looks very much like Auron from FFX)  But we don’t even get his name right now.  We don’t get his motivation.  We’ve got nothing.  And after 2 issues, I’m a little frustrated.  It even makes the review hard, because there’s really nothing to talk about.  Seriously.  Just a fight sequence.  And yes…it was an awesome one to see.  But I would like Robinson to give a little more to the story.  Still…at least we get Pacheco’s art.

Final Thoughts:  I want to like this issue.  I really do.  But I do read comics for the story and right now, we’re not getting much.  The art is awesome, but we’re no different now than we were at the start of issue #1.  It’s a little frustrating.  I haven’t given up hope (get it?  Hope?) but issue #3 better give me more than just Cable kicking ass.

Rating: 5/10.

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