Your Tab Comes Due (Spider-Gwen #21 Comic Review)

Spider-Gwen #21

Writer: Justin Latour
Art: Robbi Rodriguez


What’s Been Happening:

Gwen Stacy, our darling from Earth-65, currently has no powers, her father’s in jail, and Matt Murdock, our Daredevil/Their new Kingpin, has ninjas and a familiar clawed bounty hunter chasing her and a very scaly Harry Osborn across the globe. Harry is infected with the Lizard mutagen, and Gwen is biding her time taking it on because, guess what? She’s the only person it can bond with.

In this issue:

Gwen and Harry are hiding out in Madripoor with no money and waning hope. Cameo by another Bento Bandit, because of course there are two. Gwen explains to Harry that she’s the only host the mutagen will bond to. Her radioactive power ups draw out a “needy black goop” that wants to bond with any and everything, however, Gwen’s the only one who can survive it. (GWENOM?!) Harry, of course, immediately wants Gwen to cure him. Gwen realizes that only one of them can be saved. Will it be the Lizard or Spider-Woman? As this epiphany hits her, the ninjas, Logan, and Shadowcat catch our heroine and we’re left hanging and hoping Gwen can get out of this mess and go back home to the Mary Janes. (So we can finally see if she confesses her identity to her suspicious besties!) Meanwhile, Matt Murdock achieves a feat and gets Aleksei Sytsevich (aka Rhino) a mistrial for his attempt on George Stacy’s life under direction from Matt himself. Thanks to a brutal interrogation by Frank Castle, he goes free. Murdock tells him his tab has come due, and gets him in the cell with George Stacy once again. Hopefully things turn out ok for Gwen’s daddy dear. Maybe the symbiote will get us out of these sticky situations, but odds are, things are just going to get more murky for Spider-Woman.

Final Thoughts:

For me this was very much a filler issue. I was extremely preoccupied with my excitement for the Mary Janes to discover who Gwen really is. Now, I’m hyped for Gwen to potentially host the symbiote. Not a bad trade off though. Justin Latour really takes his time story telling, which I love in trade paper backs, but reading as the issues are released has left me hungry for more. I suppose that’s actually not a bad thing. Spider-Gwen is my favorite current series because of the timely character development. Robbi Rodriguez’s art is beautiful as usual. The tone of the coloring and shadows somehow accents Gwen’s personality and makes it fly off the pages even more than it already does. I can’t wait to see what happens in Issue #22 of Spider-Gwen.


Rating: 7.5/10


Review By: Jessica Brake

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