“IT’S ABOUT TIME I CAUSED SOME TROUBLE.” (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Rebirth Comic Review)

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Rebirth Review

Writer: Robert Venditti

Art: Ethan Van Sciver

Cover: Ethan Van Sciver

Colored by: Jason Wright


After all these years, has Sinestro finally won? The Green Lanterns are gone. The Guardians of Oa are gone. But Hal Jordan is ready to start fighting back.


What you need to know: Nothing. The company wide Rebirth event is designed as a jumping on point for new readers. This issue is a short story of how Hal gets a new ring, while summarizing his and the Green Lanterns past to quickly bring you up to the current status quo.


What you’ll find out: Sinestro has won. The Green Lanterns have vanished and not even Hal Jordan knows where they are. With no one left to stop them, the Sinestro Corps has become the supreme force of order in the galaxy. But there is one person who’s ready to start some trouble.


What just happened?  

Warworld has reached space sector zero, the former home of the Guardians of Oa, carrying Lysaa and her Lord, Sinestro, who declares that they have won. Sinestro admits to be worn out from all the fighting, but he verbally lashes out at Lyssa when she tries to help.

On a distant and dead world, Hal Jordan of Earth, Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814, is changing into a being of pure willpower energy. He focuses on his family, friends, and history to keep himself together.

His father was a test pilot who crashed and died in front of him. When he grew up, he became a test pilot, too. Then he witnessed another crash, this time a dying pink alien and Green Lantern named Abin Sur, who gave him his ring, before dying. Hal took his place and joined the corps and eventually became their leader.

But when the corps became mistrusted and even hated by the universe they swore to protect, he pretended to be a criminal, taking the blame for everything they’ve ever been blamed for. In doing so, he had to give up his ring. That’s when he stole Krona’s gauntlet and ran. Then the corps vanished.

Krona’s gauntlet is what’s changing him and if he doesn’t get it off, he could be stuck as an energy construct forever. But uses the gauntlet to construct a forge to make one thing before he removes it. Something the guardians claimed only they have the power to do.  An act so impressive, it creates tremors throughout the whole emotional spectrum felt by members of the other corps all across the galaxy. The Guardian Ganthet, Kyle Rayner, the White Lantern, and Jessica Cruz, a Green Lantern on earth, and even Sinestro, all feel it.

Hal forges a brand new Green Lantern power ring made from nothing, but his own will. Back in his Green Lantern uniform and the new ring on his finger, Hal recites the Oath of the Corps.

“In brightest day, in blackest night.

No evil shall escape my sight.

Let those who worship evil’s might-

Beware my power.

Green Lantern’s Light!”


He vows to learn what happened to his friends and protect the galaxy, and start a little trouble for the Sinestro Corps. while he’s at it.


Rating: 8/10


Final Thoughts: A very quick read that introduces everything you need to move forward without going so in-depth that it feels like a massive info dump that’s confusing to new readers, or anyone who needs caught up, while also being a nice refresher for longtime fans. And for Hal Jordan fan’s, his confidence in the face of what seems like a hopeless situation is the perfect example of what makes him a Green Lantern.

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