The First Ring. (Green Lanterns #26 Comic Review)

Green Lanterns #26

Written by Sam Humphries

Art by Ronan Cliquet

Cover by Mike McKone

Before there was a corps representing each emotion on the emotional spectrum, there was one ring with the power to harness of them all at once. The ring of the First Lantern, Volthoom, who wants to use its power to save his mother and home planet from its destruction.


What you need to know

Although this issue features characters involved in the previous few issues, it can be read as a stand alone story since it takes place in the distant past. Ten billion years ago, when the Guardians of the Universe were taller and Volthoom used what’s called a Travel Lantern to come to the main DC Universe.



What you’ll find out

Volthoom had the Travel Lantern, which he used to escape the destruction of his homeworld, but he left his mother behind with the intention of using it to travel back in time to save her.

Now he wears the very first power ring. Will it be enough to save his world? And what even caused its destruction? Volthoom just lost his mother and his whole world. Is it a good idea to give someone going though such emotional trauma a weapon powered by his emotions?

Rami thought it was worth the risk to learn the full potential of the ring, but when Volthoom begins to lose control of his emotions and the tests show he’s even in danger of dying with continued use of the ring. He has to choose whether his friend’s well-being and even his life is more important to him than learning the true power of the ring



What just happened

The story humanizes one of the usually stoic Guardians of the Universe as it focuses on Rami’s reaction to his friend’s struggles to maintain self control as he pushes the limits of his ring to pursue his dangerous ambition to go back and save his planet.

Right off the bat, Rami and Volthoom are shown to have a similar interest in the first ring, as both are shown to go to great lengths to understand its power, which strengthens their bond.

They didn’t feel like they were just coworkers, but instead, friends who genuinely cared for one another. Which only makes it harder when Volthoom’s control over his emotions begins to decline and even more when they reach an impasse on how to save Volthoom’s home after Rami learned what destroyed it.


Rating: 7/10


Final Thoughts:

Rami, an unemotional man and Volthoom, a man with powers driven by his emotions forming a friendship is a fun concept. They act as foils and play off each other well. And the history of the Green Lantern rings are fleshed out a bit more as well.

And the design of the Plant Elemental Green Lantern is such a cool design and I really want to see more of Calleen in future issues.

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