Worst. Yacht Club. Ever. (Nightwing #24 Comic Review)

Nightwing #24

Writer: Tim Seeley

Pencils: Miguel Mendonca

Inks: Diana Conesa

Colors: Chris Sotomayor

Nightwing soars through a flurry of losers to face down a creep with a five head.

What You Need to Know:

When last we left our hero, Nightwing was alone, betrayed by the re-imaged for Rebirth Blockbuster, trapped on Tiger Shark’s yacht headquarters and surrounded by a gang of super villains; all of whom possessing enhanced weaponry thanks to Tiger Shark’s new business as a technologically advanced arms salesman.

This is a real who’s who of C and D List DC Supervillains with one or two that barely make the D status: the demonic, winged Sky Hook, Steel’s old enemy, Crash, Strato, China White, The Underground Men from Green Arrow, Snake Pit, Clock King, Shado, Magog (ok, he’s pretty serious) and Kid Amazo, among others not graded enough to be listed. Even Dick jokes about how he might confuse them or get their names mixed up with contestants from The Bachelor.

Also, Dick’s personal life with his terrible girlfriend, Shawn, AKA the former villainess Defacer, is falling apart. (Side Note: Man, I miss Nightwing and Starfire as a couple.)

What You’ll Find Out:

While Nightwing is absolutely outnumbered and overpowered here, you quickly see why he is considered to be the greatest sidekick that Batman ever had. He thinks quickly, moves even faster and is two steps ahead of the gathered rogue’s gallery here. He even has his own Oracle-type, behind the scenes backup in the form of Giz. (*Is this pronounced Jizz?)

As Nightwing is making his way through the fodder, Giz’s girlfriend, Mouse (I swear I am not making this up) is comforting his girlfriend, Defacer, when they are joined by Defacer’s old partner in villainy, Pigeon (again… not making this up). Mouse rushes to defend Defacer from Pigeon, talking about support groups for people who have been manipulated by villains (insert vomit emoji here) until Defacer announces that she actually invited Pigeon.

What Just Happened:

Overall, this is a fast, fun read. However, the sense of danger that you were left with at last issue’s cliffhanger ending dissipates quickly as Nightwing flies through the air kicking the crap out of these lame villains with ease. The only one who puts up any real sort of fight is Magog.

After collapsing from exhaustion, Nightwing comes face to face with Blockbuster, who reveals his true motives: he loves Bludhaven and Nightwing is an outsider. Also, gentrification? Anyway, as super villain motives go, it’s not really all that bad. Blockbuster, like so many other psychopaths, sees himself as the true hero of Bludhaven.

Another cliff hanger ending, leading to the 25th anniversary issue, so next issue should have some solid action!

Final Thought:

Nightwing really needs to get a stronger supporting cast. He is a potentially A List superhero, one of the most famous of all history. He’s the original Robin! He’s a founding Titan! And yet… Defacer, Mouse and Giz? (IS that pronounced Jizz? Does he know what that means??) Anyway, it’s an easy, breezy issue. The artwork is solid. The dialogue is okay, but sometimes misses the mark. “And like any good war? It’s gonna end with a bomb.” I would have liked to have a stronger sense of danger here, even considering the cliffhanger ending, but all things considered? This issue is still a good time.

Rating: 5/10

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