“Wolverines, Raccoons and Brood in Space OH MY!” (All New Wolverine #22 Review) Writer: Tom Taylor

All New Wolverine Review

Writer: Tom Taylor

Penciler: Leonard Kirk

Inkers: Leonard Kirk, Cory Hamscher

Color Artists: Michael Garland, Erick Arciniega

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Laura finally saves everyone in Roosevelt Island from the unknown Alien Virus. She also finds out where it came from and decides to go to Space with Gabby and Jonathan the Wolverine. Best part is that the Guardians of the Galaxy came along to help!


Previously:  After discovering that her healing factor could cure the unknown alien virus/disease. Wolverine decides to save everyone in Roosevelt Island. With the help of Old Man Logan, Daken, Deadpool and Gabby they were able to do so successfully. But each and every one of them could only take so much; Laura on the other hand went beyond and risked her own life. Before she knew that their mission was accomplished she passes out from straining her healing factor by saving lives.

What You’ll Find Out: Laura wakes up in the hospital surprised with a very unlikely friendship between Gabby and Deadpool. Laura doesn’t really approve of their friendship but lets it slide. Gabby gives a gift to Deapool as a symbol of their friendship which touched his heart and had him in tears while leaving. Carol Danvers drops by to visit and tells Laura the good news that the world’s famous geniuses (Peter Parker, Hank McCoy and Monica Rappaccini) were able to replicate a cure based from Laura’s Healing Factor. Laura then finds out she was in a coma for 2 weeks, decides to leave and rushes down to S.H.I.E.L.D.. There she meets up with Nick Fury Jr. who informs her of where the Alien child infected with the disease came from, which is a planet in an uncharted area in space. Fury Jr. also asks help from the Guardians of the Galaxy to escort Wolverine, Gabby and Jonathan in space! Interestingly Gabby gets along with Baby Groot, Rocket approves of Jonathan joining their space adventure and Starlord compliments Laura’s of her growth since the last time they’ve teamed up. He also tries to discuss with her the possibilities that they might be heading straight towards a trap.


Arriving at their destination Laura instructs Gabby to stay in the ship with Baby Groot and Jonathan. The team then leaves and meet two Aliens who knew the Alien child that crashed on earth. But before they could even talk, they were ambushed by a horde of Brood! Jonathan gets hurt in the middle of the fight which made Gabby furious. She retaliates, leaving the ship and unfortunately gets captured in the process. The Guardians retreats and grabs Wolverine who was trying to reach out and save Gabby to no avail.


What just happened: One thing is for sure, Tom Taylor knows how to be consistent with his writing. Gabby is definitely one of the best supporting characters in the series. Her vibrant and happy go lucky attitude mixed with Laura’s Big sister role reminded me of Logan and Jubilee’s partnership back in the late 80’to 90’s era. The charming yet strange interaction between Deadpool and Gabby was in my opinion one of my favorite scenes in the book. I like the fact that Peter Quill A.K.A. Starlord has acknowledged Laura’s growth as a character comparing her old self back in All New X-Men days. This was the issue where you can feel that she IS the Wolverine and that she earned the name without being a shadow of her predecessor. Also, we finally get to see Jonathan in SPACE with Rocket Raccoon. The story does have its charms and quirkiness to it. But I am currently not a fan of this series’ RessurrXion arcs. “Immune” being the first arc and now “Hive” in which, both are highlighting the Unknown Alien Disease. I also found it a bit forced that Wolverine had to team-up with the Guardians of the Galaxy. But at least Taylor still manages to keep me hooked and reading because of his interesting take on Laura and her superb supporting cast. I actually like Leonard Kirk’s art in this issue, which in my opinion were better than the ones he did on previous issues (except in issue 21 which I think were also well drawn by him). So far this issue was clearly the beginning of new arc. It had a good mix between funny moments, character development and action. It’s really interesting to see what Taylor has in store for Laura, Gabby and Jonathan in Space.



  • Consistent story telling from Tom Taylor
  • Gabby‘s funny moments with Deadpool and Baby Groot
  • Jonathan goes to space (and fights of Brood aliens in costume)
  • Leonard Kirk‘s art has improved in my opinion
  • Action packed



  • I still think that previous story arcs before RessurrXion were better
  • Gabby being the Damsel in distress later in this issue


Final Thought: After all that strain Laura and Gabby went through during the Immune Arc it was nice to see them have light hearted moments in this issue. It does shift quickly back to something a bit dark by the end of the book but the consistent characterization of the cast were enough to compensate that shift. I do hope Tom Taylor doesn’t drag the story too long though.


Rating: 7.5/10

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