Battle of the Super Teams (Action Comics #983 Comic Review)

Action Comics #983 Review

Written by: Dan Jurgens

Pencilled by : Viktor Bogdanovic

Inked by : Jonathan Glapion

Coloured by : Mike Spicer


Mongol, General Zod, Cyborg Superman, Eradicator, Metallo, and Blanque have teamed up and attacked Superman in his fortress, blinding him. Superman sends out a distress call and is aided by Steel, Supergirl, Superwoman, Lex Luthor, and The New Super-Man.

What Happened:

This chapter of the Revenge arc starts with Kelex leading Jon and Lois to evacuate from the Fortress of Solitude, giving a slight recap of recent events. The two super-powered teams square off outside the Fortress for some obligatory banter and character introductions before going at it. With the help of Blanque, Zod gives telepathic commands to his teammates and has each one choose a specific opponent. We see the matchups one by one as some of the strongest heroes and villains in the Superman mythos duke it out. Superman manages to stall Zod long enough for Lois and Jon to evacuate, but not before Zod is able to discover their existence. Zod’s skill as a general allows the villains to get the upper hand, as the issue ends with Zod declaring he has Superman and his friends exactly where he wants them.

Thoughts on the issue:

This issue was definitely the most action-heavy of the arc. The vast majority of the issue is dedicated to the big, but anything less would have cut short the over-powered slugfest we were promised at the end of the last issue. The relatively straightforward issue was well punctuated by the surprising twist ending. Dan Jurgens continues to provide classic Superman superhero stories with a modern flair. Viktor Bogdonavic’s art strongly resembles Greg Capullo’s style, which provides dynamic action for this punchy comic. Just some solid Superman


Final Score

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