Curse Your Sudden, But Inevitable Betrayal (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Issue #24 Comic Review)

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Issue #24


Written by: Robert Venditti
Art by: Ethan van Sciver
Letters by: Dave Sharpe
Colors by: Jason Wright

There’s a murderer within the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps. John Stewart demands the killer’s ring. And the Sinestro Corps demands blood.


What you need to know

The Green Lanterns, led by John Stewart, have formed an alliance with the Sinestro Corps, who have reformed under the leadership of Soranik Natu, the daughter of Sinestro.

“Admiral” Bolphunga, claimed a Green Lantern murdered a Yellow Lantern. Initially, Hal couldn’t believe it, but he and John have both found evidence of the truth.

Soranik Natu performed an autopsy on the corpse of a Korugarian from the future to learn why her lover in the Green Lanterns, Kyle Rayner, acted so oddly about this specific deceased alien.


What you’ll find out

John wants justice for the yellow lanterns to keep their alliance alive, but Hal desperately wants to protect his friend. Will the killer be given a second chance or will be thrown in a science cell? In fact, he’d be lucky if he even lives to see his own trial when the Sinestro Corps find out what he’s done.

Kyle tries to give Sora a Green ring and the look on her face as she denies it is truly wrenching. And her anger is justified when the identity of the man she autopsied is revealed.


What just happened

Peace is being destroyed and both sides are to blame. It seems like John is the only one working to maintain the alliance between the corps. Though a few partnerships are still shown to be working well enough, a repeat of the Sinestro Corps War seems to be coming up fast if someone doesn’t step up and take control. And the issue does a good job of building up to it, but how will it go this time, now that several members have befriended their former enemies.


Final Rating 8/10

Final Thoughts

Let’s be honest, we knew this would happen. Though I really like the relationship between some of the opposing Lanterns, especially Guy and Arkillo. Hopefully, the two corps don’t turn on each other over the actions of a few. Its too interesting to see them working together.

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