I am not Barry Allen’s greatest enemy… The Flash is (Flash #26 Comic Review)

The Flash #26


Written By: Joshua Williamson

Pencils By: Carmine Di Giandomenico

Colors By: Karl Kerschl


What You Need to Know:

All you really need to know is your history about Flashpoint and that Thawne’s character carries over. This issue picks up directly where the last one left off.


What You’ll Find Out:

An alternate future, a supportive and understanding Iris West, and what a negative speed force is.


What Just Happened?

Without giving too much away Barry gets locked away in a literal hell of his own making. Letting Thawne prey off of all the insecurities, doubts, troubles, problems, and demons that not only the Flash has but that Barry Allen does. Proving to us more on how convicted Thawne is to his plan and how much of a textbook sociopath he is. I love how well he knows Barry as well as his history when talking about the changes to the Flash lore and the new canon inside the rebirth universe I couldn’t help but smile. And even though we all know Thawne is a pathological liar Barry decides to trust him anyways rather than to just talk to Iris about his problems. Furthering his problem of always running away from his problems. Then at the end of the issue he comes back as something else.


Final Thoughts:          

I really wish this review wasn’t so short but unlike last week’s incredible issue this on is very light on motivation or breakthroughs, or reveals. This issue kind of feels like a filler episode but not just not a lot happens. You continue to see Thawne’s conviction to his plan but we’re still no closer to knowing his end game. Seeing an alternate future and wondering who’s to blame the timeline or Barry is an interesting notion and concept. I’m left kind of wishing we got to spend more time in this world. At the end of the day however not a lot really happens in this issue in particular and that may disappoint some. But at its core this issue is about the fastest man alive Barry. And, it’s more of a personal growth type issue in sort of a demented Christmas story type way showing Barry all the pain he has caused. And in one way or another saying that it is all his fault. There is a good message here and like I said personal growth issue so with all. Some may consider it disappointing considering what we got last week but this was never gonna top that so I appreciate a smaller and personal story arc.


Rating: 8/10

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