The Escape (Supergirl #11 Comic Review)

Supergirl #11

Written by Steve Orlando

Pencils and Inks by Brian Ching

Colors by Michael Atiyeh

It’s the final installment of “Escape from the Phantom Zone”. Can Supergirl and Batgirl defeat the Phantom King, help Psi, and make their way out of the Kryptonian prison?

What you need to know: When last we left off Supergirl, Batgirl, and Ben were trapped in the Phantom Zone and desperately trying to get out. They were in the middle of an encounter with Xa-Du the Phantom King and Psi had lost control and made a psychic dragon that was on a rampage. Supergirl then literally dove into the belly of the beast to try to help Psi.

In issue 11, Batgirl battles Xa-Du while Supergirl tries to calm down Psi. When Kara offers Psi help, Psi does not believe her. Cadmus has lied, the Phantom King has lied, so she thinks that Supergirl is doing the same. Psi tells her that she can read everyone’s mind in the Zone and it is causing her pain. Supergirl tells her to read her mind so she can see her true motives.

What you’ll find out: Psi sees that Kara is telling the truth and joins with her. They return just in time to help Batgirl and Ben who were almost defeated by the Phantom King and his pirates. Psi deals with them easily. She decides to stay in the Phantom Zone to try to make it a better place. She then sends Supergirl, Batgirl, and Ben home.

Supergirl and Batgirl say their goodbyes and Batgirl tells her to call upon her anytime that she needs help. Supergirl then flies to CatCo because she is summoned there by Cat Grant. She then has a shocking encounter with Cat. Cat shoots her with a gun that actually hurts the Girl of Steel.

What Just Happened: That was a surprise ending. Why in the world would Cat shoot Supergirl? Was it mind control or something else? Overall, this was a satisfying end to “Escape from the Phantom Zone”. It sets up the friendship between Kara and Babs and the story reintroduced several villains to Supergirl lore. The art is beginning to grow on me and the writing is top notch.

Rating 8/10

Final Thoughts: “Escape from the Phantom Zone” was a fun story. It is always fun to see Supergirl team up with Batgirl. This series has been delightful so far, and I love how it incorporates so much from Supergirl’s past incarnations.


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