The Titans Attempt to take on H.I.V.E. and end up Being Beaten by Their Own Inner Demons Instead (Titans #13 Comic Review)

Titans #13 Comic Review

Written by Dan Abnett

Art by W. Ken Marion and Norm Rapmund

Colors by Andrew Dalhouse

Cover by Kenneth Rocafort


The Titans have headed to Alton Laboratories in search of Karen Duncan’s missing memory engram. What they find is a mysterious worker called ‘Mr. Binder” who is able to harness and combine different stolen metahuman powers. As he attacks the team of seven, it’s not his prowess that nearly defeat them but their own insecurities and crumbling team spirit.

What You Need to Know:  The crossover event of Lazarus Contract has ended and the Titans and Teen Titans part, but not without lasting impressions left on both teams, most not for the better. Wally West is still dealing with the denial and shock of his weakened heart and the annoying reminders from the team that he can’t risk his health being The Flash. Donna is still reeling from her discovery that she was a magical construct created to destroy Wonder Woman and feeling unsure of what she really is. Arsenal is struggling to remain upbeat after witnessing the kiss between Wally and Donna after Wally confesses that Linda left him, devastating his unspoken feelings for her. Lilith struggles with Psimon’s vision that one will betray the team and Garth creates a rift in the team’s defenses as his romance with Lilith overshadows his concern for other team members.

All of this was left open and unresolved in the last issue, so when the team hits Alton Labratories, their minds and worries are elsewhere, allowing their foe to make easy work of them.

What You’ll Find Out:  Karen Duncan’s husband is driven to new extremes in an attempt to restore her memories and do something with the easy source of his angry helplessness, reaching out to a former member of the Titans and hinting he holds them responsible for Karen’s predicament.

What Just Happened? Everyone seems to be holding some sort of secret close to their chest, but which one is devastating to the team? The team doesn’t manage to get Karen’s memories back and that leads them to question if someone betrayed the group. Did someone really betray the group or are their emotions getting the better of them?

 Rating: 10/10

Final Thoughts: Titans continues to hit the high bar with each new issue release. Keep it coming!


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