Days of Anger: Part 2 (Old Man Logan #26 Comic Review)

Old Man Logan #26


Writer: Ed Brisson

Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.

Colorist: Frank Martin

Old Man Logan is hunting The Hulk Gang, who recently reappeared in a remote part of Yukon Territory in Canada. Pulling the strings is The Maestro!  Days of Anger continues with Part 2 of this classic in the making!

What you need to know: Having discovered the Hulk Gang has somehow followed him to this earth, Logan realizes he has no choice but to cut his vacation short, and put an end to this threat for good! Let the hunt begin!

What you’ll find out: Angry with Billy Bob (his alternate Earth Grandson) for blowing their cover by getting the attention of Logan, The Maestro moves his Hulk Gang to another military base in a remote area. After commandeering the facility with a bloody show of force, Maestro orders one of the gamma irradiated siblings, Buck, to take a team with him and seek out Logan before Logan finds them. He warns them not to engage in hand-to-hand combat with Logan, but to take as many long range weapons they can carry to deal with him.  Maestro orders Buck to take Billy Bob with him to “show him how we TAKE CARE of problems”. Once again, Hulk Gang sister, Cambria, seems different than the others. She’s more sensitive and protective of Billy Bob. She wants to join the team after Logan (to keep an eye out for Billy Bob, I’m guessing) but is told to stay with the Maestro.

Meanwhile, Logan is remembering his time in the Wastelands, specifically a moment with his son Scotty, and Clint Barton aka Hawkeye. “Why didn’t the heroes stop the villains?”, asks Scotty. Neither hero has an answer, but this memory fuels Logan’s drive to find the Hulk Gang in the here and now. He arrives at the Department H base Maestro and his Gang just vacated and begins to follow the tracks they left. Approaching a vast open space, Logan reluctantly calls Puck at the Alpha Flight Space Station for help locating the convoy. Once located, Logan heads towards the Hulk Gang. Taken by surprise due to fatigue and a wandering mind, Logan is ambushed by Buck and the Hulk Gang team he brought with him. He’s literally sprayed with a variety of mostly assualt type weapons. Once down, Buck sends Billy Bob over to Logan to deliver a killing shot to the fallen hero. But the gun isn’t loaded! Billy Bob turns to face his brothers, who quickly spray him with bullets.

What just happened? Days of Anger Part 2 continues the excellent momentum the creative team of Brisson and Deodato Jr. have brought to this title. While owing quite a bit to the past, the story still feels fresh and forward moving. Ed Brisson brings a level of anxiousness to the reader that makes you want more. Logan really plays the tragic hero at his best. You get a sense he feels responsible for the Hulk Gang being on this Earth. I hope we get another appearance from Puck, as it was nice to see him interact (even by phone) with Logan.

Mike Deodato Jr.’s art is consistantly gorgeous, conveying beautifully what is written.  The art coincides with the subject matter spectacularly, enhancing the depth and moodiness of the story.

Rating 9/10

Final thought: I’m enjoying this arc so much, it’s like watching a really great film. Pick up this issue! And if you haven’t, pick up Part 1 in Old Man Logan #25!



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