Not only can she punch Hitler, America Chavez can punch through time itself! (America #2 Comic Review)

America #2 Review by Jessica Brake

Writer: Gabby Rodriguez

Art: Joe Quinones

Colorist: Jose Villarrubia


What you need to know:

America Chavez is currently in Sotomayor University. During a homework assignment, she’s accidentally transported back in time to WWII! Of course, she immediately punches Hitler and throws off Captain America’s plan.

In this issue: 

A lot of characters and storylines are beginning all at once. America has obsessive super fans on Maltixa that are tracking her every move and their leader is especially distraught that she can’t get a follow back from her idol.

Meanwhile, in WWII, America meets the incredible tactician, Commander Peggy Carter.


Peggy is obviously displeased that America ruined a month’s long plan to destroy the Third Reich, but surprise! She has been expecting America to show up. How does she know? A spy never gives names, so maybe we’ll find out from someone else. As the Nazis move in on them, America realizes that she got herself there with her new power and can punch herself back though time to present day.

In the present time, we see America’s teacher Professor Douglas communicating with a cloaked figure in a protected space between dimensions. Who is the woman in the cloak and what does destiny have in store for America? This issue is really laying it on thick with the plots. Thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.

We also have yet another appearance by one of the smartest ladies in the Universe. Luella Lafayette aka Moon Girl and her faithful friend Devil Dinosaur. Luella gives a speech about how most of the non-organic rules and systems in society are not designed to make you your best you. America really resonates with the speech and let’s face it, I did too. A fictional 9-year-old gave me an existential crisis.

X’andria, from the sorority I mentioned in my previous review, and America have become fast friends and it really comes in handy when the prep school kids visiting the university turn out to be cyborgs trying to steal code from the school’s simulation lab. I finally get my action scene when America and Leelumultipass Phi Theta Betas kick some cyborg butt. Moon Girl does her thing and disarms all the cyborgs, saving the day.

Or so we thought. Remember America’s ex-girlfriend, Lisa? And the weird America Chavez fan girls? They’ve kidnapped Lisa and will only release her if America leads them as The Chavez Guerillas. Ay dios mio.

Final thoughts: Ok, I loved the issue, but jeez at all the layers for storylines. I aged 60 years while writing this because this is as concise as I could get all the major plots. Gabby Rodriguez is amazing at writing, there were so many small references that I giggled at. Especially Agent Becky Good hair. Shout out to Joe Quinones for the beautiful depiction of all the characters’ individual styles. I still have heart eyes for Peggy. Jose Villarubia’s coloring is what really brings America to life. She’s vibrant and passionate and the coloring sets the tone. Overall, I can’t wait for all these plots to play out.

Rating: 9/10

Review By: Jessica Brake

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