Marvel Announces that Members of The Defenders will be added its to its Legacy Series and Attempts to Straighten out Years of Strange Issue Numbering

Thursday Marvel announced that members of The Defenders would be joining the Marvel Legacy titles. Jessica Jones and Iron Fist will be included this fall when Marvel attempts what DC Rebirth has managed to do so well, bring in new content to Marvel’s main heroes and paying homage to their roots by honoring stories of the past.

Iron Fist be headed off with Iron Fist #73, Sabretooth Round Two (Part One) written by Ed Brisson and drawn by Mike Perkins. While to many comic fans, it may seem an odd pairing to see Victor Creed go head-to-head with Danny Rand, it was actually in Iron Fist #14 that Sabretooth was debuted back in 1977, albeit in a less-mutant way. It wasn’t until Sabretooth was paired against Wolverine and the X-Men that he really rose to fame.

From the chart provided, Marvel is doing it’s best to combine years of weird numbering between different Iron Fist titles and streamlining it into a single serialized issue number. This seems simple on paper but issue collectors might struggle to organize older issues lacking the renumbered series.


Jessica Jones will be headed off by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos, where Jessica is once again revisited by The Purple Man (AKA Zebediah Killgrave) in Jessica Jones #13, The Return of the Purple Man (Part One). Most comic fans and those who follow the Netflix series will be familiar with this notable character, who was so memorably played by David Tennant. Now that Jessica has a child with Luke Cage, what worse things could Killgrave make Jessica do?


More information on the two titles will be released as fall approaches. Given Marvel’s recent botched attempts at bringing their characters and stories into the current times, they will hopefully will stick a desperately needed landing this time.

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