Family Circles (Harley Quinn #24 Comic Review)

Harley Quinn #24


Written by: Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner

Artist: John Timm

Colorist: Jeremia Skipper

Cover: Amanda Conner and Alex Sinclair

Variant Cover: Frank Cho and Sabine Rich

Harley Loves Joker written by:  Jimmy Palmiotti & Paul Dini



Synopsis: Aside from all the nagging her parents do to her, the still have a loving bond and understand her for all that she is. We continue with where she left off with Sportsmaster and Clock King. We learn that Harley Sin is not the only one out for her blood.


What You Need to Know:

The New 52 and DC Rebirth series’ stray away from the traditional /”mad love” romance and develop Harley Quinn into her own character. She is no longer the loveable villain but an antihero who is a little loony. We see her life after an abusive relationship with The Joker and her living a normal, or as our Clown Princess can get, living with a bunch of peculiar new characters and some familiar faces as well. In the Family Circles arc, we dabble into the interactions she has with her parents in the midst of all the chaotic encounters, you get a glimpse into her life growing up and make sense of why she is the way she is.


On the contrary, Harley Loves Joker #8, we see her and Joker in their crazy antics, it is a spin-off of Batman: The Animated Series.I personally love this art style. Subtle with details but still detail oriented. What I do not like in comics is when people drawn in comics get super scribbly and lose facial features, but this hardly does that. John Timm has a recognizable, somewhat gritty style. Skipper uses a bright and dark color scheme which is appealing.

The art style of Harley Loves Joker is very fun and pops and obviously is based off Batman The Animated Series and Bruce Timm’s style. It’s a classic and respectable style especially being from a classic series we can all agree was legendary. For all you Harley Quinn purists who dislike the new 52 Harley, we get classic Harley Quinn with her cowl and all.


What You’ll Find Out: This is the 3rd part of the arc “Family Circles”. Harley’s mom and dad are in town, so she tries to have a nice time with them and make the accommodations to be as normal as possible even with all her wacky, lovable neighbors. That can be hard especially since she has her nemesis, Harley Sin in captivity.


What Just Happened: We stray away from the problem with Harley Sin for a little bit so we can focus on her night with her parents. We see all these people crushin’ on her and old romances too introduced in previous issues, we will see what their motives and end game goals are with Harls. Her parents seem like totally normal people on the outside, but sort of go with the flow with her crazy life – unlike normal parents.


In Harley Loves Joker #8, she gets hustled into paying up for her costly surprise for The Joker.


Rating: 7/10


Final Thoughts: It’s a cute way to wrap up the arc, but there was a lot of things in the last issue that I wanted to see. It has introduced a lot of potential conflicts and I was looking forward to see those in this issue, but I trust they will be resolved very soon.

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