Take the day off with the Superfam (Superman #27 Comic Review)

Superman 27 Review
Written by: Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason
Art by: Scott Godlewski
Colors by: Gabe Eltaeb


Superman allowed his son to take the lead for a day to teach him some responsibility.


What Happened:
A sleepy Superman comes home exhausted one night and wakes up the next morning to find that his wife has rented an RV, and plans for the family to have a well deserved vacation visiting. Lois has come up with a list of locations to visit as part of a special Fourth of July trip, and each family member chooses two spots to hit. After taking a quick detour for Jon and Clark to have a little Superfun, the issue takes us through the first three destinations. Each one comes with its own lesson for for both Jon and the audience. After a long day of travel the Kents retire at the end of the comic, promising the next few locations next issue.


Thoughts on the issue:
I’m not the kind of fan that thinks that writers should keep their opinions and ethics to themselves; in fact I think doing so is asking an artist to put less of themself into their work. And with Superman, being the symbol that he is, there can even be a responsibility to show how and why Superman is a role model. This whole book reads kind of like a PSA. It’s a sweet issue, it’s well written, well conceived, and of course Patrick Gleason’s art is impeccable. And even though I agree with the statements Peter Tomasi is trying to make in this issue, I think it still comes off as heavy handed. This wasn’t a superhero comic, it was a family comic. I’m of two minds about this issue. While it was well made and executed, particularly Lois’ stop honoring Deborah Sampson, it still didn’t deliver on what I’m looking for when I pick up Superman. Coming right after another “day in the family” issue, it just needed a little bit of balance.


One small thing: Superman can get so tired he can fall asleep while flying? Really?


Rating: 7/10

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Scott Shuken

Scott Shuken

Scott Shuken is comic book writer and Podcaster living in Bellingham, WA
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Scott Shuken is comic book writer and Podcaster living in Bellingham, WA

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