Bizzaro Under The Weather (Red Hood and The Outlaws #12 Comic Review)

Red Hood and The Outlaws #12


Written By: Scott Lobdell

Panel Art: Dexter Soy

Colorist: Veronica Gandini
Cover Art: Clay Mann, Tomeu Morey, Variant: Guillem March

Synopsis: This series of Red Hood and The Outlaws is not to be confused with The Red Hood, Starfire, and Arsenal team; it consists of The Dark Trinity:Red Hood, Artemis, and Bizarro. After a crazy battle in Qurac, they return home to tend to an injured teammate only to deal with more chaos.


What You Need To Know: The Ex-Robin/Ex-villain turned Anti-hero turned (undercover) villain again Jason Todd is back for another installment of Red Hood and The Outlaws featuring Artemis The Amazon Goddess, and Bizarro, the failed clone of Superman. These 3 make up the Dark Trinity. With his new “villain” status, Red Hood decides to take down Gotham’s crime-ring from the inside. We have seen them face off against Black Mask. He is playing by Batman’s ‘No Kill’ code – imagine how hard that is for Jason Todd. We had just left off on the ‘Who is Artemis:Sin’s Past” Arc, where she is struggling with the trauma of having to take the life of her best friend who was corrupted by the weapon she had been searching for for 3 years, The Bow of Ra. That was the weapon that chose HER, and only she is meant to wield it.


What You’ll Find Out: Artemis’s best friend Akila who she and Wonder Woman had to kill, due to the fact that she was wielding a weapon she was not meant yield and led to her corruption, has come back from the dead. Artemis is haunted by her past; she’s a perfect fit for the team. Jason is back in Qurac, in the same place where he was murdered. Bizarro has remnants of Superman’s memories embedded in his head and is trying to do the right thing and have his own identity.


What Just Happened: This the beginning of ‘The Life of Bizzaro’. Another person back from the dead, or undead, Solomon Grundy! Someone made a dramatic sacrifice for the team’s sake, and an unlikely foe offers his help. We’re going to find out if this deal will ultimately screw them over.


Rate: 10/10


The artwork is incredible compared to a lot of comics I’ve read. It doesn’t just give detail to the main focus of the panel, it has clear, defined lines of faces and scenery in the background which I love. Awesome art!!


Final Thoughts: While this is an extremely kick-ass comic, you’ll see a lot of themes of friendship. It’s pretty deep, deeper than a lot of stuff I’ve read. It is very full of action and mystery and keeps you on your toes. It has also made me emotional, which is kind of hard for a comic to do. I would highly recommend this series if you haven’t started it and hope this catches you up!

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