Breaking Bat (Batwoman #5 Comic Review)

Batwoman #5 Review

Art by: Stephanie Hans
Cover by: Stephanie Hans
Variant cover by: J.G. Jones
Written by: James T Tynion IV, Marguerite Bennett

I’m picking up obviously late in the series but I’ve done my reading. This issue is the final in an arc called “The Many Arms of Death” and is a one-off focusing on Kate’s past life on the island of Coryana.

What You Need to Know:

Kate Kane as Batwoman has been trying to take down a group smuggling the bio weapon,
Monster Venom, and has ended up on the island nation of Coryana. However, this issue is set in the past. Kate is in her drunken self-destructive phase after being kicked out of the military for being a lesbian.

In this Issue:

Kate Kane has washed up on the island of Coryana with a cracked skull and taken in by Safiyah Sohail, the Lady of the Island. Safiyah has her people use kintsugi (the process of mending a crack with gold to show the beauty of an object with a past) to repair Kate’s skull. It’s super dramatic and seductive in that lesbian island lordess type of way. Safiyah’s girlfriend Tahani is obviously displeased with Kate, referred to as The Siren, and how Safiyah looks at her. Tahani steals some liquor to hide in Kate’s room in order to prove to Safiyah that Kate is nothing but a destructive alcoholic who is bad for the island; and for Safiyah. Safiyah banishes Tahani for a week, because she’s done with all the drama.

Coryana is in the midst of an oil shortage, so Safiyah and her underlings decide to steal from an oil tanker that’s passing by the island. Kate offers to help, and The Lady accepts. Kate sets out with the modern pirates to loot the tanker in a storm.

However, in the Smuggler’s Coves, it’s discovered that Sixth, one of Safiyah’s men, has set up a camp for Tahani. She never left the island. With Sixth, she is planning a coup and to kill Kate in the name of protecting the island from Safiyah’s perceived ignorance. Safiyah makes it to the boat in time to see a giant wave wash Kate and Tahani overboard in the middle of fighting.

Kate is drowning. Sixth pleas with Safiyah to leave her. Of course, love prevails and Safiyah kills Sixth, then resuscitates Kate on the shore. Immediately after, she asks Kate to stay on Coryana.

Final Thoughts:

Wow! This comic reads like a lesbian pulp novel. I love it so far. The dark water color style reminds me so much of a romance novel cover. This is actually the first DC title I’ve really read and I’m impressed and so glad I took on Batwoman. My cousin is a huge Kate Kane fan and I asked her some important questions before I read the books. “What do you admire about Batwoman? What does she represent?”. The answers were her independence and intelligence. I see it as well. I’m excited to read more and you can now count me as a Batwoman fan.

Rating: 9.5/10

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