DOOMSDAY CLOCK: Geoff Johns releases images and details for biggest DC Event in over 30 years.

It’s been a little over a year since DC Universe Rebirth #1 came out and audiences were shocked when they saw Batman holding the pin from Watchmen. Since then, DC fans have been waiting for the inevitable meeting between the characters from Watchmen and those that populate the DC Universe. April’s “The Button” crossover followed up on the story line, but didn’t include any actual Watchmen in it. At a panel Friday at SDCC Geoff Johns announced alongside DC Publisher Dan DiDio that the time has finally come with Doomsday Clock, DC’s next Event comic.

Beginning November 22, Doomsday Clock promises to bring the Watchmen Universe and the DC Universe together to answer some of the questions raised by Rebirth. The only Watchmen character confirmed to be in the story is Doctor Manhattan. “If there’s one being out there who can mess with time in such a radical way, and challenge hope, I figured Doctor Manhattan was the one,” said Geoff Johns at the panel. It is highly likely, however, that Adrian Veidt a.k.a. Ozymandias will appear in the series. At the end of the panel, Johns said “I love seeing the smartest man in one world talk to the smartest man in another. The smartest man from the DC world is Lex Luthor. And that’s all I’ll say.” Six panels by series artist Gary Frank were also shown, including the infamous “The End is Nigh” sign that Johns referred to as the first panel of the comic.

Much like the original Watchmen series, Doomsday Clock is set to be a 12 issue series, running monthly with scheduled breaks in March and August. This is the longest monthly Event comic that DC has attempted since the groundbreaking Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1985. The story is set to take place a year in the future, so that the rest of the DCU will be caught up to it when the last issue ships.


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