The Rise and Rage of the New Ultimate Thor (Mighty Thor #21 Comic Review)

Mighty Thor #21


Written by Jason Aaron,

Drawn by Valerio Schiti,

Colored by Veronica Gandini

Cover Art by Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson


Volstagg shows off his newfound powers through the decimation of the fire goblin and troll armies currently attacking Nidavellir and Jane suffers a collapse, showing a less-conceited and concerned side of Odinson for once, but answers the call of the hammer mjoilnir much to everyone’s dismay – will this be the last we see of the Mighty Thor?

What You Need to Know: Jane has been a breath of fresh air to the Asgardian side of the Marvel Universe, even if a bit heartbreaking. Each time Jane uses the hammer and transforms herself into the Goddess of Thunder, her battle with cancer is lost inch by inch. The magic in the hammer negates the chemotherapy Jane is currently undergoing to battle her illness and each use inches her closer to death. Will we be seeing much more of Lady Thor?

What Just Happened: Volstagg has gone into full beserker mode with the Ultimate Thor hammer, destroying the armies of both the fire goblins and the trolls. King Ulik and Enchantress attempt to intervene and are hilariously defeated. Before Volstagg can kill them, Makelith summons them away with the use of the Black Bifrost. Senator Solomon arrives in time to see the result of Ultimate Thor’s power on devastating the troll and goblin armies and realizes who’s under the helmet and wielding the Ultimate Thor hammer. She realizes only another Thor can reason with Volstagg and just as Jane is about to receive healing in Asgardia, mjoilnir summons her once more – but at what cost?

Rating: 9/10

Final Thoughts: Is it weird to have a crush on Volstagg now? Since picking up that hammer he’s kind of become babe material.

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